• Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA

    Don't want to worry about a stock market crash? These are the 5 stocks I'm buying for the next 30 years! ? https://youtu.be/wiB43XMo_UM

  • Wolf of Dubai Stocks Investing Channel

    20% Growth stocks
    20% Dividend Stocks
    20% Value Stocks
    20% Cash
    10% Gold
    10% other assets: options, bonds

  • GenExDividendInvestor

    Consistently investing in quality companies over a long period of time wins. I've preferred dividend stocks, but a broad-market low-expense ratio ETF has historically worked well for most people. Timing the market is impossible. Evolving your asset allocation is worth considering.

  • ContrarianExpatriate

    Short of an unforeseen black swan even, the bear market will likely come after the Presidential election. The Fed will endeavor to prop up the markets before then.

  • FunkyLDJ

    These videos will have thousands of views. Other videos of dogs wagging their tails, millions and millions of views. Yet, average folk are confused how anyone could be financially stable or – gasp – even wealthy!

    I think a small crash will happen in 2020 or 2021. Probably stabilize after the election, then potentially another long bull. The great wealth transfer is happening soon, so old people money will go to young people, and the young and dumb money will go to the young and smart. Itll be the same as now, but different.

    Who knows.

  • Greg Kamei

    Thanks for the history lesson. It's interesting to see connections among different bubbles, geopolitics, and investor sentiment in relation to bull & bear markets. I tend to focus on value, particularly in financially strong companies in sectors that are out of favor at the moment.

  • haris000000

    No more Jason Bond ads now its someone named Jeff Bishop arghh ouh well will have to hold through this one until the nezt.guru shows up

  • John Manuel

    To answer your question, I feel like we will stay in a Bull market until mid to late summer 2020. The inverted bond yield curve can predict a recession period, but it has a bit of lag(12-16 months). I can see people jumping quickly to gold and bonds, though.

  • Mark Emery

    Great video Joseph! Really looking forward to seeing your new video next week on your 2019 Stock Market Challenge results, and what you would change. In addition, with November around the corner, really looking forward to hearing more about the "buy" from Nov to Apr, and the "sell and hold cash" from May to Oct Strategy!

  • Andrew Epperson

    Joseph Hogue,
    I have been watching you for a while and have an education choice right now that I'd like your opinion. I'm currently studying to become a CFP (something I will eventually do) however, to make better choices with my own stock picks do you recommend Quantitative Economics, Mathmatics, or keep Finance and revisit the others. Quantitative Economics would be the quickest degree path, and I will eventually finish studying the other two fields. Your opinion for which degree is more important for me (background in government accounting and I am 30). Thank you! Also, I will not change my work field. This is for assisting in my own stock picks while following you and in 15+ years starting my own service similar to yours (family office or CFP fields).

  • Holy Warrior

    Not scared about a recession, but more of a depression. One day we all have to pay for this worldwide excessive printing of money and with this government & company debts "going through the roof" economy. Nobody has a recipe how to get out of this situation. We might run into a totally new area, which no one in history has experienced before. The "0%" (or even lower) interest on savings signals that something completely new is around the corner. I believe in large, rock solid companies with a great balance sheet. I also use gold and silver as an insurance and cash to buy opportunities for "a penny on the dollar". IMO even down market cycle has positive opportunities, but you need to be prepared for it.

  • blitzwing19

    Your channel is the only one with actual practical advice and your delivery of the material is the best I’ve seen for this field

  • golfer156

    Do you have any good videos on analyzing a rental property? I have some capital saved and looking into that for an income stream. Thinking Plano Texas but live in southern California. Thank you.

  • Sonny Raj

    Hello Joseph,
    Where would you park your cash in today's market for 2 years, if you are saving that for a major purchase like a house or a business? A) Under the mattress. B) High yield savings account. C) Short term treasury or Corporate bond etfs. ? D) VTI – total market etf ? E) Your Opinion ?
    Your opinion video is greatly appreciated and for sure will get a tons of views and likes! Thank you for your time! Cheers!

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