Bulk Domain Export: DNS Made Easy Tutorials
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Bulk Domain Export: DNS Made Easy Tutorials

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to receive an export of your records in DNS Made Easy. An exported copy of your domains can be very useful in keeping a record of your DNS configurations. First, click on Managed DNS under the DNS tab on the main menu. Next, click the Bulk Select tab under the Managed DNS header. Make sure that your Regex option is turned on and then enter an asterisk in the Domain Names text area. We are using the asterisk in this example as we want to match on everything possible. If you already have the list of domain names that you would like a report on, you can just paste that into the Domain Names area and then turn off the Regex option. In you would like to refine your search parameters based on domain level attributes such as Tempaltes, GTD, or SOA records then you can set that search criteria now. For this tutorial, we will leave them at their default search values. Now click on the Search button. The domains that matched your search criteria will appear. From here you can individually choose which domains you want to run your report on. For this example, we will choose all of the possible domains. To select all of your domains, click the checkbox at the top of the list. Once all of the domains are selected you will want to click on the Select Checked button. Next, click on the Reporting tab. You have the option to view the AXFR report in the browser, or you can choose to export a copy for download. To view the report in your browser, click on the View AXFR Report button. This will open a new tab in the browser, that displays all of your domains and records from your domain. To export the report of your records, click the dropdown menu to choose from a CSV, XML, JSON or zone file. For this example, we will select the CSV option. Click the Export button to begin downloading the CSV file. Congratulations, you have just generated a detailed report of all your domains within your DNS Made Easy account. For our full support knowledgebase, please visit http://support.dnsmadeeasy.com. For more tutorials and lessons on using DNS Made Easy, please visit http://help.dnsmadeeasy.com.

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