Bukaloka.com – Testimonial untuk Dewaweb Cloud Hosting – (cc English)
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Bukaloka.com – Testimonial untuk Dewaweb Cloud Hosting – (cc English)

I am from Bukaloka.com, Aditya Santana. Bukaloka.com is a new startup from Bali and we are a new player in the marketplace industry that has a mission to help small medium businesses (UKM) in Indonesia to succeed online. We have been using Dewaweb since 2015. My review from my own experiences is Dewaweb provides excellent services. Their Ninja Support are always reliable, delivers fast responses, very kind, friendly, helpful, funny, and even come to visit us in Bali. All in all, Dewaweb service is totally perfect and flawless! Now my first impression when I tried to order my first domain and hosting was the fast response. So whenever I had any problem, Dewaweb kept its promise of 24/7 service, I could request a chat anytime and there’s always someone to help me, exactly as promised on the website. That’s my first and main reason why I choose Dewaweb. The second reason is the high performance and website loading speed. I had bad experience with my previous hosting provider, sometimes the email was very slow, website was down regularly. After I moved on Dewaweb, I experience faster performance to my website & email. These are my two main reasons why I have to choose Dewaweb. Before we started Bukaloka.com, I had so many domains hosted at another hosting provider, a very well-known company, and then while I was searching on Google, I found Dewaweb. I read a thread at Kaskus forum and other forums as well, also found Dewaweb, which is known for the first cloud hosting service in Indonesia with excellent service. Then I opened Dewaweb website www.dewaweb.com, it looks really nice, colorful, eye-catchy, the logo is very cool with a funny flying god mascott. Then I saw the video, which is very educating and helping me to understand what’s the difference between traditional web hosting and cloud hosting. At this moment we already have more than 200 domains hosted on Dewaweb, which mean more than 200 online shops and websites we trust on Dewaweb. So for all of you who make websites for clients – in order for your clients not to get angry and complain to you, while you don’t have any control of the hosting server, it’s best for you to trust your client websites on Dewaweb, because Dewaweb is really superior in services. And for new startups, in any industry, just host your startup on Dewaweb – it’s cool, secure, and will ensure your startup success!


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