• jasan

    Quite excited about this new feature. Would love a more detailed blog post/Live Coding session for React+redux progressive web app

  • Sam Matthews

    Is it still the case that say I wanted a different web App (functionally, but sharing the same auth, database etc, say project 'A') in three different subdomains, I would need a separate project for each? In that case do I use the same firebase config from project A in the other two Apps / projects? Does that then clash with environment configuration of the other two projects?
    This is the one thing I'm still quite confused by / apprehensive about with hosting. Thanks

    Edit: To clarify, something like the Firebase website itself, whee you have firebase.google.com and console.firebase.google.com, which presumably are two different apps, how would that be implemented in the context of this setup? Thanks

  • Rasmus U. Relling

    Great video, but the code at the end using expressjs does not work on Cloud Functions (?) And I think there are typos in code also. Am I doing something wrong? I have included express in package.json. When I depoly firebase, not even the NewJS-way works; the console just returns an error on "import * … " . What have I missed. I can use whatever NodeJS I want in Cloud Functions right? Please explain why Cloud Functions does not support the code explained/given in the video.


  • Abhijeet Bharti

    I am trying to connect to connect custom domain with firebase web hosting but it always shows "needs setup".
    Please help me

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