Building a modern data platform for cognitive computing
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Building a modern data platform for cognitive computing

Today’s businesses are flooded with all types of data – internal, external, social, sensors, etc. So, how can you convert one of your biggest challenges into one of your biggest assets? The answer is: by going through a digital transformation to ensure you can turn big data into fast insight. 80% of data is unstructured, and it’s growing at 15x the rate of structured data. In 2020, there will 44 trillion gigabytes of it! Business leaders are already bringing these systems to live. Delivering real insights and competitive advantage. Many business are achieving this by embracing next generation applications based on open-source technology. And especially open-source databases. Each year open-source downloads increase by 80%. 70% of new applications are built on open-source databases. Open-source databases are only as good as the engine underneath. It is critical to have Open Robust High performance Available One or two-socket infrastructure that is optimized for open-source technology. It is no longer good enough to have a one- to two-year lifespan, today infrastructure must support your business and competitive edge for the future. Next-generation application developers require all this, plus, extremely flexible compute capacity Scaleability Storage capacity Bandwidth Low cost per unit of compute, storage and bandwidth IDC predict that by 2020 50% of development teams will be embedding cognitive services based on their open-source solutions! So the time to prepare is NOW. With IBM POWER processor-based one- and two-socket servers you get cost-effective technology, enterprise-level resilience and high-performance characteristics To evolve digital capabilities in your business, you need the right applications running on the right infrastructure. The cognitive era has started. Companies that embrace high-performance data analytics and predictive modelling will have an advantage over their competitors in real-time. So, don’t wait! IBM and our Business Partners can help you seize the opportunities of the digital age – with both hands. Tune in next time to learn about Cognitive and AI (artificial intelligence): what you can do with it, why it’s so important and how it works.

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    Want to know more – read this IDC Whitepaper:

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