Build Website with Free Version Elementor and Add-On Plugins [Eng CC]
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Build Website with Free Version Elementor and Add-On Plugins [Eng CC]

Hello guys, how is it going. In this
video I want to share to you about the plugin Elementor as website design tool.
I have many students asking me, do I need to upgrade my free version Eementor to
pro version, in order to create stunning website So let me answer you this
question by showing you the website that I’m having right now. First of all, you
have a very nice home page with the particle background effects, stunning
entrance animations, creative buttons, very nice background video and stuff.
You got a very nice profile with the hover animations and the social networks.
You have very nice complete personal blog list. How about the other website
that I’m having, which is internet of me. You have the numbers over here, you have
animated text and what I like about these features is that you can choose each
category based on your YouTube videos and you can just click on it and watch
the video with a nice pop up. So people can watch the video comfortably and also
very nice call to action section and social feeds. And this is marketing of me,
you have very nice flip box (style) and anchor navigation, you have to flip box image,
you have the timeline story, basically telling your adventure or journey, and
also very nice background video and the accordion. You also can promote your
products online. So let me tell you one thing. The website and these web pages
that you are looking right now, are purely created by free version Elementor
with its add on plugins. So what do you mean by add-on plugins? When you are
at your Elementor design interface. If you’re having a free version, basically
you have the basic tab, the general tab and the WordPress tab. These tabs
provide you basic elements that you can just click drag and drop, and then just put in
the contents. While with add-on plugins, the add-on plugins will provide you
extra features (or elements) that can enhance your website presentation and illustrations,
like those features that I’ve just shown to you guys So far at this current moment,
I recommend 3 add-on plugins that are well compatible and up to the
date, which are the first one, “Elementor Add-on Elements”, the “Essential Add-ons”
and “Premium Add-ons”. These add-on plugins have provided a lot of extra features and
elements that can help you to improve your website presentation. So there are
tons of elements that they have provided for you So which elements are suitable? If you want to know more on which elements that
I have used and applied onto my website, on these web pages. There is an article in
the video description below, just click on it, the article will basically tells
you what are these suitable elements that you can use. So if you’re having WordPress website and you’re also using Elementor. I highly recommend you guys to
install and activate these 3 add-on plugins. The best thing is that they are
free to use, they have free version, of course they have the upgrade versions. So
by using this free version Elementor plug-in and those add-on plugins, I can
create amazing website without any problems So does it worth to go for pro
version? I think you got the answer right? So that’s not all, I also want to show
you guys, the plugin and those add-on plugins will help you to optimize your
page in different screen sizes, which are desktop, tablets, and mobile. So I’m
going to show to you an example, which is this one, the page I’m having right now,
you have any animated text, and you have very nice icons over here, and the time line offer. Let’s try to look at this page in different
screen size. What I usually do, I’ll just bring this tab out into a new window, and
I’m going to put this thing, reduce the browser (size) until it looks like a mobile
screen size, around that figure. And just have a look on how responsive is this
with those elements. If I try to increase the browser tab (width), so it will be
like a tablet. You can see it becomes responsive with the video background
playing. If I reduce it, it will change to another presentation, which is
very responsive. Including the headline (header) as well, if I try to increase a bit (width), you
can see the icons, they have switched position to the side, if I reduce it (width) a
little bit, it will be a different presentation. And of course in the
desktop mode, it looks absolutely amazing. Especially with those background
particles effect, which is very very cool. So if you are interested to learn how to
use Elementor plugin to create your own unique website, without any WordPress
theme. I can teach you how to do it with zero cost. There is an online course that
I’ve just published, and I want to show to you guys, which is DIY website, to
build website from scratch with Elementor plugin, if you try to look at
the section below, on the course’s structures, I basically will teach you
how to create one home page, another one professional sub page and another one
social sub page. So they can form together and present themselves as a
website. That’s not all, I also teach you how to create pop-ups,
promotion header, easy banner, contact form with button trigger. And also you
can import my page templates, and at the last section, from time to time I will
upload more videos covering most of the relevant elements that you can use to
improve further on your website presentation and illustration.
So the best thing is that I’m running an offer right nowm because
I’m giving out Free coupons for this course and it is time limited. If you
want to enroll into this course, please go to the video description below, there
is a link for you to click on it, and you can redeem this Free coupon.
If you’re not interested is totally fine, because at the end of the day, I just
want to tell you guys Elementor plugin is very very amazing, even with its free
version and the add-on plugins that I have recommended to you, I’m going to say
that again, because they are very important. “Elementor Addon”, “Essential
Addons” and “Premium Addons”. Please install and activate them, and you will
see how amazing they are. Check out their extra elements or features that they
have provided for you, it’s going to blow your mind. And from now on, everyone can
create stunning website without knowing any coding languages, isn’t that amazing?

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