Build a WIX Website For FREE in 10 Minutes!
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Build a WIX Website For FREE in 10 Minutes!

Hey everyone Adrienne Finch here welcome
back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to show you guys why having a
professional website for your personal brand your business your product your
service is extremely beneficial and the best part is I’m gonna show you how to
make one for free quickly and easily in less than an hour
so let’s go some of you guys may know I’m launching
a business this year called self-made CEO studio subtle branding so the
business is going to be an online site full of courses programs webinars access
to live events access to community forums all geared around empowering
young aspiring entrepreneurs and working professionals and people like you and me
to help other people become the CEO of their own wife’s happiness relationships
pretty much anything because with a little bit of mindset training and
business tactics you can literally achieve absolutely anything so I needed
a website for this business and I’ve used Wix before and I love it it’s easy
I was actually charging my sorority’s website in college so I reached out to
see if they’d want to partner with me on a video to help me explain to you guys
how easy and quick it can be to build a professional website and they agreed so
Thank You Wix for sponsoring this video and helping me to share with you guys
how easy it really can be but there’s a plot twist or could plot twist is that
I’m still working out the Kings with my business I’m actually not fully ready to
launch my site but there is someone in my life my cute dear
mommy who has wanted a website for her business for a really long time she’s a
psychologist in Seattle she’s had websites she just is so busy always
helping people she’s always changing people’s lives and she hasn’t had the
time to create a new updated website so I decided in this video I’m actually
gonna surprise her by creating her website for her I’m literally so excited
because if my business isn’t fully ready to launch but all I want to do is help
people then why not help her launch hers so basically I’m gonna walk you through
some of my favorite components and Wix how to quickly and easily make a very
professional-looking website and if you guys have any questions about this
process leave them down below in the comments and I will do my best to
respond to all of them so without further ado let’s get into some website
building okay so first you guys are gonna go to Wix calm flush go slash
Adriene pinch to get started right away so that’s what we’re gonna do right now
so here I am here is my mom say I am just going to push create a new site for
the sake of showing you how it starts so when you push creating your site it
automatically asks what kind of website do you want to create business online
store restaurant there’s so many different options so for my mom
obviously she has a business she is a psychologist
click on business and then it asks choose how you want to create your
website so let Wix ATI create a website for you which basically means you answer
some questions and they’re pretty much gonna design it for you in a couple
minutes I almost want to try doing them just see what happens or create your
website with the Wix editor so what’s really cool is you literally just drag
it drop it is so self-explanatory I love it so let’s just click on that one just
start so what I love is they have so many different templates oh my gosh I
already love like this one I love this one they also show you the mobile
version as well so you can make sure it doesn’t get all messed up mobile wise I
think that minimal is definitely best especially for someone like my mom’s a
therapist you don’t want a lot going on it’s kind of just like yo I need help
let’s figure that out but so far this one is really sticking out to me and I’m
gonna click on View so this is what it would look like you have kind of these
different sections so basically this just shows you an example of kind of
what it can look like so there are so many different templates as you saw so
we’re just going to click on edit so that I can kind of show you how the
sparks in so basically in the left hand corner right here we have men using
pages background you can add a bunch of different things text images they have a
whole gallery of like free images or just super nice music you can add social
you can add pretty much anything a contact page
everything is very self-explanatory you click you can edit easy
done you can change the size font don’t like
that one sit and you can also add some effects
drop shadow punch out things like then you can change these strip backgrounds
you can have a different photo obviously I actually liked what I had you just
push edit undo so there you see kind of the different function so now let’s go
into the site I actually already created for my mom and take a look at that
so this is the template that I actually ended up choosing and I went through a
process of just deciding how I wanted it to go and what’s really awesome about
this is it’s so self-explanatory you really don’t have to teach yourself
anything it walks you right through all the steps I just got really indecisive
and kept changing what I thought I wanted something really cool with this
image editor situation is that they offer you a ton of free graphics and
other images that you can favorite by clicking on that little star that way
you kind of have a folder of all the ones that you want to continuously use
throughout the site so I was just playing around with like different
designs here kind of looking and seeing what this template has and what Wix has
in general I was rearranging some of the sections we’re obviously going a real
fast here so it’s actually funny how many times I kind of switched it around
you’ll see once we get to the end but I really just love how easy it is to
create a site on here you have button options you have different contact menu
options you have so many different graphics to choose from you really can
go for any look you want and I feel like the templates and just the site in
general looks so sophisticated and so high-tech so I just think that’s awesome what’s really cool for my mom as well as
they have this booking service so I can actually create her appointments on here
and people who are already her clients can actually make appointments online
versus calling an email and all of that which sometimes it’s just hard to stay
on top of that these days so I’m starting to get the site to kind of look
how I want I’m liking the color scheme I do need to delete some of those bottom
parts I wanted to add all of my mom’s office addresses cuz she actually has
three and she has no pictures of herself so that picture that I put in for now is
actually baby me and her and I’m gonna change that eventually but I need to
convince her to let me take some photos of her but it’s a cute little pic so
here we have the finished website for now so we got basically the little home
section we have her clinical specialties so all of her areas of expertise a
little about me and we have a contact me section and that’s kind of it for now
I’m gonna talk to her once I surprise her and see if she wants anything else
but for now there we have it okay so now that you’ve seen the site I
want to emphasize something really really important a lot of business
owners and entrepreneurs and just people in general get really really caught up
in the little details of having fancy business cards and fancy expensive
graphics and like a nice car and looking the part and none of that matters all
the matters to have a successful business or a successful brand or
product or service is that you haven’t offered that people really really really
need that’s all that matters is getting something out there that
people crave having it keeps them up at night they would pay any amount of money
to have help with this or to have this service or to use this product that’s
why I’m a huge fan of having a website because it is so simple to just have a
simple landing page where people can get all the information about your brand and
links to your social media all of that sort of stuff without all the fancy like
advertising and business cards and feel free to obviously do that if you want
and it’s not that intimidating it’s not expensive to maintain nothing so that’s
like the bear what I think you need I think that people spend way too much
time and money focused on like everything else that doesn’t matter it’s
all just frills at the end of the day if you don’t have a good offer
it’s good service or product your business won’t be successful it doesn’t
matter how fancy your suit is or how fancy your business cards are it just
well I also want to point out even if you aren’t ready to have a full-blown
website yet you can totally make a landing page that way people have
somewhere to go that has like the basic information but it’s just one static
page so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it helpful if you want
to go get started on your website right now click on the link in my description
or right here slash go slash Adrian pinch to get started it is fun I
actually have like a really good time doing it because there are so many like
fun options for themes and formats and colors and I just love it so get started
today by clicking that link and let me know if you guys have any questions
subscribe to my channel if you are new or if you want more fun videos like this
and I will see you guys in my next video I love you so much
thank you for watching bye


  • Mahnoor Kashif

    Omg helloo ❤❤ I dont know if you remember me or not but im that instagram gurl lol ?? Omg thank god you're backkk I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCHH ❤ Really wanna see some iphone videos from your channel ??

  • Ayushi

    Hey Adrienne, loving your videos from a lot of time. I'm from India just told my friends about you channel. Surely you will be really successful in no time, your editing is really cool. Your what's on my iPhone videos are the best, love from India. I hope you see my comment. Have a nice day..??

  • Matthew

    Hello! All those who are looking to
    create a website easily and quickly and economically. You can access my
    channel, where you will find the best software.

  • Suzyhazelwood

    I actually really like Wix websites for their design and usability, but unfortunately there's one huge problem with Wix, it has no internal drive of traffic towards your website. WordPress does have an internal connection for other WordPress users which allows easy access and free promotion of your posts and pages within WordPress and a convenient like system (Gravatar)… you can turn it off if you don't want likes on your posts and pages. It really helps to have traffic from other bloggers passing by as Google will rate your website higher… Wix just doesn't have that. Wix is also bad news for getting high Google ratings, for some reason Google seems to favour WordPress far more than many other websites when it comes to listing subjects of interest to anyone using their search engine. I tried Wix… it looked great, but my website was connecting with nothing and no one. I've had a free WordPress website for over six years now, it's been a great success from the beginning and it's certainly paid off with the Google ratings.
    I'd love to have a Wix website, they look wonderful, but I'm not going to waste energy putting a lot of work into articles no one will ever read because they don't even know it exists. Why spend way too much time using social media to promote your website when you could have readers guided towards your website right from the start.

  • Alice Thompson

    Hi, really helpful video. I've created my website but I'm struggling to get my website linked up to a domain on google. I don't want to buy my domain because this is a blog style website so more for leisure than business. How can I get my website online without payment?

  • Sean Davies

    Nice content,when i started my fashion business i had few challenges communicating with my customers most especially the ones outside the united state, i always have to go through the stress of traveling to and fro just to get measurements. it was time consuming not until i was introduced to a website designer that designed a website where my customers can just input their measurements and pick a style they want..
    you can contact him for similar cases that can help your business grow either on Instagram @theweb_sean or send him a text on +13154961078

  • Amber Ferrano

    I have no idea what you or anyone is talking about. How is it possible I am at the Wix site and it looks nothing like what you are doing? I know I am in my own time zone according to others but how can I have something not even close? I have spent hours trying to figure out how to change my website name since I was not psyich enough to figure out it cuts off at 20 letters. No pop up about it. I just thought the bar was blocking the end. When it wanted me to install the mobil ap it just created one with my personal name not the business one after directing me from the other site where I had set everything up, ugh!!!! Is there a simple answer?

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