• Cynthia St-Laurent

    Did you use your internal server or did you add it online? I just want to be sure if I do need something else than Bracklets' software. Thanks!

  • NorthWriter

    Great vid. I'm a designer who is trying to improve his Bootstrap chops, so thank you for this. I was particularly looking for help updating the send-to email for my contact form, and everything I'd googled before finding your video was "Create a Form with PHP!" But I just wanted to update the email in the form I already had. So you've been a huge help!

  • Rodgers Ochieng

    how can you have separate menu options in different pages,like service,about us and other stuffs in their pages so the page does appear long as it is

  • MaxScooter Freak

    How do you expand navbar bottom size (and color), so your logo won't overlap bottom margin and the all page gets messed up? Can't find that in css files.

  • Vilikia Dyer

    I changed my title tag but it is still showing the name of the company of the free template in google. How do I overwrite that? It is also not showing the description.

  • R. Report

    PLEASE ANYONE!!! i Have a script it was written by using PHP Laravel framework, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap. Since its a video streaming software too – it uses Nginx and RTMP for real video streaming. It has a fall back to HTTP pseudo streaming.  i just want to change some color code fonts and background, im using filezilla and textwrangler for my editor. i see the css files in public/ assets/font-end/styles folders. i use textwrangler to edit the css save then filezilla tells me changes have been made i save them on filezilla. Refresh and check to see no changes have been made to the site. ANY HELP Or SUGGESTIONS PLEASE IM LOSING MY MIND HERE, THIS HAS TO BE SOMETHING SUPER SIMPLE… Right?


    I want to design a website,for that I have chosen a template can you help me in installing the template and editing it.

  • Pixie Ziegler

    This is the first time seeing this video. You did an excellent job on your tutorial. I am in school for website design and this helped me with a project I have to create. Nice work!

  • Jay Blendz

    Hello Sir how can I duplicate a certain section on a bootstrap template. I Know how to create an external page and point a link to it but I want to keep everything on wrapped together. When I copy and paste whats in the container it throws everything out of whack. There's a lightbox slideshow within a container I'm guessing a Javascript issue or something. Can you help or point me somewhere Thanks keep up the videos

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