Boost Views On Youtube (Fast) – With Morning Fame
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Boost Views On Youtube (Fast) – With Morning Fame

Welcome to the series of boost your views
on YouTube fast in 2018 the magic tool that I want to share with you today it’s called
morning fame this tool will help you gain views and rank in YouTube on top keywords
this is the first tab when you join morning Fame a link is in description below this is
called the traction tab as you can see it gives you detailed analysis of how we are
travel is performing the average watch time average circulated watch time engagements
and get a direct and Gain subscribers he can press the full stats to see even more insight
of your channel as we scroll down it tells you that you can reset your next video if
you press this tab it will go into the keyword research tool which is a fantastic tool part
of morning Fame which can show you keywords that you can potentially rank for on YouTube
if we load one of my key words as you can see it has good grades and an average search
of 72 score out of 100 he gets good grades you need at least three days and one B or
a on the relevance score to rank for this search term how would I have more into the
read the keyword research term at a later date as we go back to the trending tab
we can see detailed analysis of each video that you have published it basically gives
you great insights on has your has this video made your channel grow how many views has
how many watched time accumulated watch time how many engagements and engagement rates
and Gain subscribers as you scroll down we can see which videos are good when you have
green ticks this means that you are above average grey ticks means you are on average
and heads mean that you need to increase either the Watch time or the views or the engagement
rate as we can see this video is getting sick subscribers got a good engagement good engagements
and has good lots of use as I scroll down we can see different videos as well so they
haven’t made my child not yet have average but have a really good engagement rate to
tell you if you’re getting subscribers or losing subscribers video
show you details on video for your channel see
what works and what doesn’t work and what you need to increase in the future and it
also gives you tips as well that you have successfully kept your business essential
for one minute 10 this is 2.9 of your average above your average and basically it tells
us videos of doing good which ones you need to make more of it is a beautiful morning
so it’ll help boost your views on YouTube because it’s telling you which videos to make
and watch videos that you need to improve on ok so this is the first tab I’ll be doing
a weekly series on morning Fame that will show you how to grow and boost your views
on YouTube next week we will look at the strategies tab and follow on the workshop and velocity
this is the analytics part of morning fame and over the weeks I will dive more into the
keyword research tool for morning thing which is the gem of the tool please subscribe to
our channel and put in the comments below if you would like to see any specific part
of morning fame


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