• Lorenzo Passero

    I wanted to point out that Rome was founded in the 8th century BC. So, it is evident that Roman age started much later than 4,000 years ago, when early Greek civilization didn't exist. Around 2000 BC Minoan society was flourishing, the first palaces in Crete were being built, Sumerians were overwhelmed by the Assyrians and Middle Kingdom in Egypt was starting to fall. In that far far age, the Italian peninsula was inhabited by tribes living in small villages. Thus, stating that Roman civilization already existed 4000 years ago is highly incorrect and shouldn't appear in an informative video.
    For what concerns the rest of the video, nice topic! It was very interesting.

  • Rebok Fleetfoot

    body language is BS, the baseline is impossible to establish within a margin of error, and even if you could there are no behaviour metrics that apply to the individual, they apply the the statistical public, which is not about a real person

  • Abalam de Paimon

    The most important thing about this body language talk is that it is 90% intuitive. We pick up on gestures, body statue, expression and mimic by nature, and if you just force yourself to do certain moves or behaviours, it will likely feel awkward to the recipient because it doesn't mirror the instinctive perception. It's why you can tell if someone is phony instantly. You might train do act a certain way in some respects, but your overall output of information will not match up.
    This is why a normal sane person wants to barf up their last meal listenting to a PC speech by any politician. They're so trained in body language and posture, they blindly repeat the "positive" outputs body wise, while not being aligned with what they're actually saying…
    While someone being genuinly truthful will gain favor.

  • Hoang Viet Nguyen

    This is a good talk.
    The guy had a great sense of humor, straight direction for his listeners and the topic was very informative and helpful which could help people to have a better understanding, a better way of socially interacting. ^^

  • Tomasz_AVT

    Allan and his lovely SO are so knowledgeable and they can transfer this knowledge in so approachable way! 🙂

  • Slashed Nutts

    A hand shake is a person's character right there. A limp soft slippery fish style effort is not a good start.

  • Đất Nền Kon Tum 0918 435 777

    Tôi thật tệ tiếng anh. Muốn hiểu ông ấy nói gì…. Ước gì có vietsub đạ tạ đa tạ !!!!
    Xem mấy video lúc trẻ có vietsub mà thấy vui. Giờ nhìn tóc ông ấy bạc trắng mà ngấn lệ… Tiếc cho 1 tài năng sắp hết thời gian cống hiến.

  • Mike Sloan

    for a second I thought he was the fellow from hogans heroes…. and family feud …. Richard Dawson, although, he's dead now I think?

  • estella miller

    some peoples body language is handicapped they cant smile or raise their eyebrows even if they wanted to. discrimination happens when you rely on body language, listen to what people say, listen to their spirit.

  • osraneslipy

    How in the name of God are people able to communicate in this type of English is one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. I only caught "body language" like in 8:30 min :D.

  • LickieCat Music

    Id like to see his analysis on Mr Trumps body language, and how he attained his goals in the opposite way of Obama.

  • Madan Kumar


      I've been a great fan of yours from the very teenage since when I developed an interest in psychology. last days, a  friend of mine asked me for a suggestion to join a network marketing business in the firm known as Qnet (she revealed the name later). Initially, I hesitated as this type of businesses dont hold a good reputation in the market. This type of businesses lure the youths by showing them dreams of a lavish future in a short period. As soon as I came to know that they are using books written by you during their training program, as such, I gave her my consent  and she joined that so called business. Now I've  come to know that your popularity, brand, experience, practice, theories and tricks are being used in a very negative manner to influence the young minds to bring them in this business. Once the person invest their money (minimum half million of rupees), there is no escape for them as they were asked to entrap more persons in the same manner they were trapped by false promises of becoming multi millionaire in no time. This girl I'm talking about was not allowed to sleep more than 2 hours in a day and was brain-washed so strongly and tactfully that she didnt gave me any hint about this cheap business. When she failed to make the chain and lost her hard earned money to them, She broke away mentally and physically. She is in a state of trauma now and under debt of millions of rupees as she isn't able to work now due to depression and anxiety. I feel myself guilty for her. Since they use your name I also fell in their trap. Sir, here I'd like to mention that, had they not used your name and your books it wouldn't have happened. Now in order to save the precious money and time of more young people, I request you to look into the matter personally and disassociate your name from these type of agencies, who are using your name to trap a large number of people in our society. And also announce the same on public platforms. I'm m very much sure that you will take this matter seriously and take proper legal action against such fraudsters. Looking hopefully to you. 

    Thanks and regards.

  • Neelam g

    I didn't even realise I was a palm up person and that it was a good thing until I saw this video, I rather saw it as a defect to use my hands so much while talking. Thanks, this made me feel better about myself

  • Bunneh Rose

    I came from watching a video about the pythagorean theorem KJSND time to use palms up in explaining to my mom why i failed my math test

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