Blue’s Clues: The Search for the New Host & Best Friend! ?️ | Nick
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Blue’s Clues: The Search for the New Host & Best Friend! ?️ | Nick

[music playing] We are trying to find
the new host for Blue’s Clues. Best friend of Blue,
somebody who can connect to the camera and be the new voice
for the new generation. We have over 1000 people have come today
to try out for Blue’s Clues. It’s like our own American Idol and even 100 people are allowed
to come in and just walk on and try out. – Milk!
– Yes, yes, yes! – Blue’s Clues!
– Blue’s Clues! Blue’s Clues! [music playing] This is exciting! We want someone genuine and authentic
and real who respects kids. The new person really becomes
part of the family and so I feel like we’re casting
another best friend. Right, for sure, for sure. – Good luck, guys, good luck, good luck!
– Thank you. ♪ Blue skidoo, we can too, hey ♪ Tickety tock. Alright, let’s make
some peanut butter cookies! [cheering] Big Nickelodeon guy, yeah. I was able to get an audition slot and
I was the first guy to audition today. I had my own little like,
red chair at home. We’re here for the Blue’s Clues audition! – Yeah!
– Woo! I’m a kindergarten teacher
and it’s been my big, huge dream to be behind the screen as the host
of Blue’s Clues and I just can’t wait! I’m auditioning to be the new host
of Blue’s Clues which is like, out of this world. Today I’m living
one of my biggest dreams. I learned a lot from Blue’s Clues. And we’ll see, maybe we’ll see you,
maybe we’ll find it. I think we’re gonna find it,
I feel it today. I think there’s like a big bell
that goes off if you find the person. [cheering] Yeah! – One, two, three, Blue’s Clues!
– One, two, three, Blue’s Clues! It’s gonna be a super busy day,
we’re so excited. We’re definitely on the go. And we look forward to giving you
an update after today. [cheering] ♪ Blue skidoo, we can too ♪


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