Bluehost Web hosting Tutorial | A Quick Review

So it’s pretty self-explanatory when you go onto the Bluehost website after you’ve clicked on the sponsored link below you just click on the get started now button here and Then you can choose a plan now If you’re gonna get your domain name with Bluehost I definitely recommend if you don’t already have your domain name just to keep your life simple to go ahead and sign up for it with the same company that you have hosting with just because that way you don’t remember where Is my domain name hosted with and who is my website hosted with it’s all just in one place so if if your hosting company offers that I definitely recommend that Usually the price for a new domain names about the same or theirs with your hosting company or with a separate company so just keep that in mind, so I’m actually recommend if you’re getting a domain name on that you choose the Prime here because it includes the domain Privacy and the domain privacy basically means that when you sign up for your domain name, they won’t have your address they’ll have an address that Bluehost has that’ll just keep you from getting junk mail spam emails and phone calls from people who You know really excited that you started a new business or a new website and just want to try to promote themselves to you It’ll keep you from getting all that stuff and it’s really kind of a big time-saver Just not to get a bunch of extra junk. But of course any of the plans are great They’re all gonna work great for helping you get started building your website so just pick the one that you think fits your budget best do keep in mind the prices that they’re gonna jump up to at initial time period but hopefully that the you know the initial time period will be enough for you to get your Site at the level that you want it to be at so that you’re comfortable paying that extra price So let’s go ahead and select a plan So if you can sign up with a new domain name You can add it right here, or if you already have a domain name just type that in there So they know what your domain name is. I’m gonna go ahead and Create a new domain name I’m gonna click Next I’m gonna add in my basic information here And this is exactly information here that Bluehost is gonna help you keep private when you sign up for your domain name And then just confirm your plan here and eat the sort of maximum benefit and pricing you do need to pick three years actually She’s gonna pick 12 months. I’m going to go ahead and leave the default settings And then all I’ve got to do is just enter in your credit card information and click sign up okay, and then let’s go ahead and go ahead and create a password for your account I use it LastPass to manage all my passwords. I think that’s a really good idea for you to use some sort of password management system I like LastPass This is one I started with there’s other great options like one password and some other ones and then I’m just gonna use it To generate a password for me Go ahead and enter that in agree to the privacy policy again Okay, and so now here we are on our Bluehost dashboard next thing we want to do is go ahead and set up WordPress So we can start building our website boo host and most hosting companies these days make it really easy to get WordPress installed because you know, So many people are eager to get started building their website with WordPress Okay, so to get started just go ahead and click on the get started button right here I’m gonna turn off these plugins that they want to automatically install for you I don’t think you need them and then down here These are some options that you can use where they’ll install WordPress and configure it for you But the whole reason why you’re watching this video is because I’m gonna show you how to do it So it’s a great savings right there Now if you just signed up for Bluehost and you’re eager to get started on your website I’m just know that it might take some time for your domain name to Fully propagate across the internet basically to fully get set up. So if you’re eager to just get started right now So if you just signed up for Bluehost for the first time and you just added a new domain name your eager to get started just know that it might take some Time even though who the host says that your domain is ready to go. It might take some time for your domain name to fully Propagate and get fully set up. So if it doesn’t work the first time you try to install WordPress, you know Just walk away for you know, 30 minutes an hour and then come back and then see if it’s working That’s just sort of a tip. It happens with all hosting companies Just the domain names take some time to set up and it can take longer sometimes depending on Where you are on the world and how fast the domain name propagates across the internet? So just keep that in mind and down here We’ve got a marketplace with a bunch of different themes. But I already have a great recommendation for a theme that we’re gonna install Later on in this series. So review up here where it says installation complete and we’re going to click here to view our credentials and We’ve gotten messages as your installation was successful and our we can access our website Here using this link here and we want to make sure you remember that URL so you can able to use that URL Later to access your site. And then was that our username that we send up with and our password here Just go ahead and go to the backend of our WordPress websites Let’s click on this and it said before you’re gonna want to remember this. Actually, you don’t need two slashes You just need one slash This is gonna be your domain name slash WP dash admin and that’s how you’re gonna login to the back of your site back end of your site and We’re gonna use that email address and password that we set up click login and Since we’re watching this video and I’m guiding you guys through this whole process This is sort of a tutorial that you can go through that Bluehost is set up but you don’t need that because I’m gonna show you how to do everything that You need so just click on this. I don’t need help Okay, so here we are on our dashboard we’ve got an ad up here for help which I guess is through Bluehost so if you wanted that you can just close it by clicking this close button right here and then We’ve got just a few settings that we want to adjust on our website Typical WordPress installs don’t have this marketplace. This is something added by Bluehost and we’re gonna use our own theme and our own setup So we don’t need to worry about anything in the marketplace there. So, let’s see which plugins? Bluehost is installed for us Okay. So under our plugins here a few things we can get rid of so we can get rid of this Hello Dolly plug-in the Jetpack plug-in is something you may or may not want So you can choose to leave it in here or deactivate it and add it in later We’re not going to discuss that in this series It’s not something I personally use but there are a lot of benefits to it if you’re interested in it And we’re also gonna remove this Mojo marketplace thing because we just don’t need it I’ve got some great recommendations for plugins and and a great recommendation for a theme for you to use and the great thing about WordPress is that there’s just so many options out there and so many Great tools and you’ve got access to them just through the regular internet. So I’m gonna go ahead and remove that and Akismet is a great service. I use it on my website and it does help protect your site from Spam. I don’t think it’s something you need to have Right when you first set up your website because it takes a while for people to find your website And then also for spammers to find your website So if you’re trying to save money in the short term, there’s a fee for it I do recommend it, but it’s not something you need Right when you first start out with your website base if you’re starting to notice you getting a lot of spam Comments on your site and it’s something you’re probably gonna want to Activate and install so I’m gonna leave that installed and leave jetpack installed I think that those are good options for you to look into to see if you’re interested in it. I definitely use a catchment I highly recommend it and jetpack I don’t use but it is definitely very useful for some people and something I kind of debate go back and forth on whether I want to use it on my site or not Let’s go ahead and do that activate these two So you do it by clicking the deactivate button here or you can do them both together by clicking Deactivate up there and then clicking apply and Then after they’re deactivated we can delete them by clicking on those buttons there and then just clicking delete and then clicking apply Yes Okay, there we go. Now let’s go ahead and go down here to settings and we can see here We’ve got the title of our website if we wanted to have a special tag line up here We can add that right there It’s not simply it usually displays prominently on your site but you do want to have it set up because it might show up in search engine results and Then whenever you change settings in WordPress, y’all wanna make sure you scroll down to the bottom and click the Save Changes button So the next thing we want to do is want to go down here to on the links This is probably the most important setting to change on your website. This is gonna really help your search engine optimization automatically and what we want to do is we want to change it to post name and what that’s going to do is When you create a new page or a new post on your website It’s gonna use your URL and then plus basically the name of your post or page right up here and if you created a great title for your post and one that’s got Search terms built into it. It’s gonna help search engines to find that content on your site This is really important to make this change. So click on post name here and then click Save Changes Okay, and then that’s it now We’ve got the basic setup for WordPress and we’re ready to install our theme So the next video I’m going to show you how to install a theme and I may also introduce you to one of my favorite themes for building WordPress websites that makes building WordPress websites fun fast any

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