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Bluehost Review Bluehost Reviews Bluehost Hosting Service

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Hi Bestiespar par
I have dealt with dozens of hosting companiespar par
and to be honestpar par
after dealing with several nightmarish hosting companies for yearspar
par I finally found an awesome-sauce hosting companypar
par that I have loved ever sincepar
par It’s Bluehostpar
par What’s the catchpar
par Nothingpar
par I’m not affiliated with Bluehost in any waypar
par I’m not even a member of their affiliate programpar
par Is that stupidpar
par I don’t think sopar
par If I were you might not believe me that it’s
the best in every waypar par
maybe that is stupidpar par
To prove my love for bluehostpar par
I’m starting a tutorial series next Saturday to show youpar
par step-by-step instructionspar
par on how to build your very own Web site right
on bluehostpar par
And guess whatpar par
It’s gunna be an ecommerce websitepar par
which means I’m going to show you step-by-step instructionspar
par on how to install a shopping cartpar
par right onto mentioned web sitepar
par But firstpar
par Let me tell you 5 reasons why I love Bluehostpar
par Then next Saturday and every Saturday after
thatpar par
for probably a couple of monthspar par
we’ll take the necessary steps to create your sitepar
par Firstpar
par Bluehost has the most awesome-sauce support
system everpar par
They have live chat email addresses phone numbers plus ticket systemspar
par You can pick and choose which support option
you preferpar par
and they are there twenty four seven to help with whatever you needpar
par Nextpar
par Bluehost offers a lot of bells and whistles
free with their hostingpar par
like free email accountspar par
and a free domain namepar par
plus you can take up as much space as you wantpar
par Nextpar
par Bluehost has a sitebuilder that doesn’t suck
rockspar par
In factpar par
it’s relatively fabulouspar par
Nextpar par
You can get the databases and tools you need to build your ecommerce site at the click
of a buttonpar par
Yeahpar par
I’ll be showing you THAT next weekpar par
so make sure you’re subscribed if you’re not alreadypar
par Nextpar
par in dealing with said dishonest creepy hosting
companiespar par
I’ve had hosting companies completely wipe out my sitespar
par without any type of back-uppar
par and I had to create them again from scratchpar
par I’ve also had creepy hosting companies steel
my domain name claimingpar par
I haven’t paid my annual fees when I had the proof on my credit card statement that I hadpar
par Bluehost is honestpar
par Again I’m not affiliated with them in any
way I don’t even know the management over therepar
par They are the best and have won soooo many
awardspar par
So follow me as we get started on our new tutorial series next weekpar
par Luv u allpar
par Peace out yopar


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