Bluehost Review 2019
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Bluehost Review 2019

do you have a wordpress project that’s
in need of a host or are you thinking of switching host because you’re sick and
tired of the current one you have because they aren’t doing a good job
well Bluehost might be a good fit for you today we’re going to test and review
to see if they’re the right hosting company for your website this is
WordPress hosting reviews where we test and review everything related to
WordPress and hosting will give you the pros the cons and everything you need to
make the right decision about hosting welcome to WordPress hosting reviews I’m
Stephen Johnson so you have your new WordPress site or blog or you’re
considering switching hosts and you’ve heard about Bluehost but you don’t know
everything about them you know they’ve been around for a while but just 100 not
not 100% sure about them well we’re gonna go through them from start to
finish right now so a little company overview they were founded in 1996 in
Provo Utah so they had definitely had some history and well established and
that’s pretty much an eternity in web hosting time they have over 50,000
square feet of data center or office space and data centers that total 20,000
square feet and these guys host millions and millions of websites ok so we’re
gonna go through some of the pros and cons to Bluehost and then we’re gonna go
through with our own personal experience highlighting what we’ve learned over the
past three years first step for the pros these guys have very competitive prices
they have simple well thought-out plans they host all their own servers their
servers are cPanel based and they offer one-click wordpress installs through
simple scripts now let’s talk about the cons and there’s really a big one big
one which they don’t offer any VPS or dedicated servers so they’ve really
geared themselves for the small smaller shared plant now don’t get me wrong you
can still run some real traffic through their servers but if you’re talking like
a big major website Bluehost is not going to be the one for you so but then
again you’re not looking at you know $5 a month shared hosting for that so let’s
talk about our Bluehost experience we signed up with these guys for little
over 3 years ago the signup process was very
easy straightforward got the account created and then we transferred all of
her files and database over to WordPress we were able to do this ourselves
without any trouble but they do have text they are able to help you with this
tech support will get you up and going when you do have issues and from time to
time we forgot to backup a file or something like that in tech support was
there for us when we needed them you can reach tech support via phone email
instant chat another advantage is they’re a very large company so they do
offer 24 by 7 support which is great we talked about the pricing the prices have
always been competitive they keep the plan simple so you get everything you
need in just their basic plan so you aren’t a lot of add-ons and upsells they
do offer a few add-ons but you don’t have to have those to get a good hosting
experience it’s for more specific stuff like ssl certificates and things along
those lines so you know we’ve had a really good uptime with Bluehost over
the past three years the servers are always been fast and responsive and for
WordPress it’s just been a really great fit for us
now a couple of the cons that we have noticed with Bluehost if you had a
really complicated site you had tons and tons of traffic or concurrent
connections or you needed a VPS something kind of out of the ordinary
that isn’t a standard WordPress setup well Bluehost probably isn’t going to be
the best for you because they do focus on just the shared market so what’s good
for 80 90 percent of the people isn’t good good for that small ten percent but
like if you are in that ten percent you’re probably looking at more
expensive hosting more advanced features and you might even have a tech staff
that your own support staff that’s going to help your website get up and going so
you know over the past three years we’ve had a really good experience with
Bluehost and they’ve done a great job and particularly on the price and tech
support when we’ve needed now let’s go through the prices if you
commit to one year it’s going to cost you 695 per month or eighty three
dollars and forty cents at signup if you commit to two years you’re going to pay
a rate at five dollars and 95 cents a month or you’ll be putting out a hundred
and forty two dollars and eighty cents at signup the last option you can go for
a three-year commitment which drops the price to 495 per month or a hundred and
seventy eight dollars and twenty cents at signup if I were going to be looking
at these prices I would either go for the 12-month and get in there as cheap
as possible or I would probably opt for the thirty six month plan because that’s
just a thirty dollar upgrade from the two year and you get a whole extra year
of hosting with these plans you’re going to get unlimited disk space unlimited
site transfer and all the other shared hosting plan features that are so common
in this in this segment now we have the one upgrade to this plan which is going
to cost you nineteen ninety five per month for a 12-month signup which would
be two hundred and thirty nine dollars do it sign up and you’re going to get
all the standard features plus you’ll also get more CPU you’ll get access to
site backup pro you get a dedicated IP address an ssl certificate and a few
other items so that’s what you get with a pro plan now they do offer a few
add-ons and you can get site lock which is domain security for $14.99 a year you
can get site backup Pro for thirteen dollars 12.95 a year if you go the pro
plan you get that for free and the last add-on they have search engine jumpstart
which will run you $14.99 per year so should you go with Bluehost well that’s
going to be up to you to make that decision but I know for our experience
over the past three years blue hostess has very good uptime the
servers have been fast tech support has been very helpful and more importantly
they’ve been able to answer the questions in a reasonable amount of time
to get us back up and going or solve whatever issue we’ve had the prices have
been competitive and for us it’s just been a really good experience and with
the size of Blue Host we know they aren’t going anywhere
they own their own servers and we feel very confident they’re gonna be around
in the future so you know we’ve like Bluehost and we’d go with them again if
we need to we keep renewing with them so that’s been good so hopefully this
review has been helpful making helped you decide what the best
choice for you is if you liked this video be sure to like us you can also
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else if you do have questions or comments put them put them below and
we’ll do our best to answer them and you know thank you very much for watching
more reviews check them out at our website so this has been Steven
Johnson for wordpress hosting reviews and we’ll see you next time

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