Blue Sky: Film Distribution with Presto File Server | Synology
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Blue Sky: Film Distribution with Presto File Server | Synology

Presto File Server is a package designed to deliver large files with high speed over long distancese. Presto uses a Synology developed and patented protocol which avoids the high overhead and
latency issues usually present with TCP/IP file transfers. Just imagine that with Presto you can send 1 GB of data from one side of the world to
another within a few seconds. Here is how Blue Sky movie distribution company uses Synology Presto to serve its clients in USA, Europe and Africa. Blue Sky is a vertically integrated film distribution company operating globally with branches located in USA and Africa. We partnered with companies that are mostly content creators, such as big film studios, independent producers and directors. Blue Sky also plays an important role as a content provider to end customers, including cinemas, film festivals, and online libraries like iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft Xbox, Amazon Prime and others, while also serving thousands of customers worldwide We deal with a lot of partners that are located all over the world and most of them do not have their own data transfer acceleration solutions. Therefore we needed both fast and reliable solution to distribute and collect data from scattered storage. We started to look for a new flexible tool that can fit into our different physical and virtualized environments in accordance
with our own IT restrictions and limitations on privacy settings and transfer protocols. Most of all, it should be centralized and easy to manage. That’s why we choose Synology Presto, so we can transfer huge amount of data with speed up to 300 Mbps and moreover enjoyed a 60% off in total costs compared with the
previously used transfer accelerator. We saved a lot of financial means after switching to Presto We can rapidly share our film assets with the world. We are happy that Synology Presto has fully replaced our previous file transfer and sharing tools. We found Synology very reliable and we are satisfied with it

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