BLUE HOST: Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020
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BLUE HOST: Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

hello everyone welcome to a video it’s
kith pam here today we’re reviewing Bluehost
which is the number one web hosting service in 2019 and 2020 you know it comes
for a price of two ninety-five a month for two ninety-five a month what do you
get? first of all you get the easiest web host to set up with WordPress it’s super
affordable it includes a free domain for the first year when you sign up and an
awesome support for 24 hour a live chat and for the live chat their response is
about let’s see three minutes is their response time and it’s it’s just an
amazing service Bluehost best web hosting and the web
hosting is up 99.99% of the time and with Bluehost additional add-ons you get
a free s SSL what that is is a little as you see at the end of website URL is
where it goes HTTPS that’s the added security layer and that just gives you
more of a social proof for your website and it makes you more trusted and then with that let’s go over here it’s
written number one out of 32 web hosts and these third two web hosts are the
best web hosts out there so it being number one says a lot and only four to
ninety-five a month and with my cook with my own link in the description you
can get that for 265 a month drop and get down even more and like I said 24/7
live chat 99.9% uptime and then 406 MS I really know what that means it’s
probably good I mean it’s number one web hosting so I don’t assume it’s gonna be
bad and this is just more facts about Bluehost and this will be down in the
description as well so back here let me just show you how easy it is so
make a website on Blue Hose let’s just go to the main page
boom you’re here you hate get started you go here you can get the choice plus
this is personally what I have my website on it’s the recommended I don’t
use pro I don’t need bro I get let’s just say you want to sign up for basic
let’s go to basic go here it’s pickup domain kiss pop boom already
there next does anyone have this domain no domains
available now let’s just say cute palm business name kit Homme industries yeah
street address 64 Tri City Townsville just out of feed their state out panel
zip code six six four five oh and then one nine eight seven six so two or three
email address let’s say down boy I have boom that’s it and then
you go here basic you can get the twelve month for 495 I just get the thirty six
best bang for your buck everyone in the year 2019 coming up to 2020 everyone
needs a website everyone needs a website everyone needs social proof Bluehost is
the way to do it you can get your domain privacy
protection this is a must in my opinion nine nine one dollar per month twelve
dollars ebay if you can spare twelve dollars eager for that and this is just
extra gimmicks you can get this of course and then your totals up to one
hundred eighteen dollars and this is for three years thirty six months three
years I’m sure you can spare one hundred eighteen dollars for three years for a
website that’s always running always up best support
years with security with s SSL honestly nothing better
Bluehost get it and you just hit Bomi putting your credit card information
your head submit and you’re done you got your website see if we can get back to
the minion page and the domain free for one year that’s probably like only like
15 dollars after that per year don’t means are not expensive people you
need a domain you know personal brand it’s 2019 going to 2020 what are you
doing if you’re not having a website you need a website get it on Bluehost link
in the description for Bluehost to 65 not to 95 to 65 go get it link in the
description thank you for watching hope you enjoyed like down below if you
actually did learn something from this if this did help you out and if you go
to the comment section with any questions I will be more than happy to
answer I will reply to your question no doubt and always subscribe if you liked
it you know I’ll be posting more review videos for web hosting products courses
made by those gurus and all that thank you for watching hope you enjoyed again
link in the description for Bluehost thanks for watching

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