Bloomberg Mocks Family After Overdoses
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Bloomberg Mocks Family After Overdoses

>>Back in 2019, Mike Bloomberg was speaking
at an event. And when he does that, bad things happen for him. In this case, references that
he made and particularly callous fashion to two people who had overdosed on drugs. Here
he is.>>72,000 Americans died in 2017 from overdoses. And New York Post or Daily News had a picture
on the front page of a father and a son. They both OD’d at the same party. I mean, just
not a good family.>>Just craziness.
>>Yeah, it’s craziness. The reference to the fact that many people in New York die
of overdoses. It’s great for a mayor or a former mayor to
talk about joking that, because this two had died on the same day. Not this is a tragedy
that we should empathize with the survivors and their family, but that they are a bad
family, because there is still that family. The younger of the two who died was a father
and a son. Jasmine Santos was the the wife of the younger that had died. And Carlos Andrade,
the owner to the died. He had an 11-month old and 4-year old sons that remained and
imagine hearing that the former mayor of your town is mocking your family as being bad after
2 people died.>>Well, later in that clip, he talks about
how we shouldn’t legalize marijuana, because it’s an addictive drug as well. Something
that’s completely out of whack with the country. 70% of Americans think we should legalize
marijuana and it’s way higher with the Democratic voters, as well. So yet, another issue where
a Republican is out of step with the voters that he’s trying to win over in a democratic
primary. But this speaks to the overall problem with
Mike Bloomberg of which there are many. He’s a paternalist. He’s an old school conservative
or an old school paternalist in many ways. He’s a conservative as well, but he wants
to rule over people, and that’s what he kinda did with his soda ban. That’s what he did with violating constitutional
rights with stop-and-frisk. He thinks he knows what’s best for people. And he thinks that
if you’re a drug addict, you’re fundamentally a bad person. And so that’s why he wants marijuana
not to be illegal, because it’s a bad, illicit thing. And he is an elitist who looks down
upon people without any understanding of why people are turning to drugs and the horrors
of addiction as a mental health crisis.>>Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t even call it that.
Mocking was used, joking was used. No, he’s been completely serious. This is how, again,
you said, he likes to look down on people. But that’s how you have this feeling of, I
mean, him even jumping in this race right now. We talked about how pompous it is and thinking
you can actually do this, and it would work out for you. It’s cuz his entire life, he’s
seen himself as being above these other folks, because of what he’s got and what he’s building
his companies and all that stuff. So because of that, he’s like I mean, there’s
just a bad family which also, by the way is very reminiscent sounds a little bit like
Donald Trump, but he’s likes to talk about certain people’s families. That family is
not a good family. My family, this kind of family. It’s this hierarchy of positioning in your
family life. So everyone else in that family is garbage. There’s not a good family somehow,
because these two related men both overdosed at the same party. Because no other people’s
families, no rich people’s families have drug addicts, nor abusers which to me has been
affected by it with death from drugs. Now, this doesn’t happen. So he’s retelling
the real story, which allow us to continue to think that only those poor dirty people
died of drug overdoses or even become addicted to it. There wasn’t a doc I watched before
about the spread of opioids. And many times in states like West Virginia, those blue collar
working towns and people are overworked and they end up injured and hurt. And they go to the doctor and they give them
these kind of medications. That leads to these kinds of drug addictions, cuz they’re bad
people? I thought we praised the coal miners. They’re the grit of America, the Midwest,
the heart of America. They worked their butts off to create what we’ve got in this country. Those are the people that are addicted to
these drugs, because they’ve been overworked and then our health care system just throws
them some pills and they get addicted to them.>>No.
>>And that’s one aspect of it, but he’s not going to talk about that part, because we
need to use them.>>They’re bad people, but his buddies, Jeffrey
Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, they’re, exactly.>>Those parties were dry events.
>>Obviously, yeah.>>No illicit substances. Just to skip ahead
briefly, I just wanna mention. This is the first pass on what he’s previously said about
marijuana, a s well. Because as he alluded to, he goes on to talk
about marijuana in the clip. He was asked about medical marijuana at the time. This
was back in 2013. He says, medical, my foot. There’s no medical. This is one of the great
hoaxes of all time. Asked about potentially legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana. He said, drug dealers have families to feed.
If they can’t sell marijuana, they’ll sell something else. And the something else will
be something worse.>>Medical my foot. Sounds like a band name.
>>Exactly.>>Again, I’m sorry. So drug dealers have
families and they’ve got to feed them. So they’re gonna start selling things that
are worse than marijuana. Again, so where->>Make an industry, make it legal.
>>There is an industry of that bad stuff already as I alluded to a minute ago that
people end up on opioid, because of the prescription pain medications they get a prescribed by
who a drug dealer on the street, who has an RX card. He’s like hey, so come to the corner, because
I’m a doctor with a jacket on and then I’m gonna prescribe you some drugs. That’s not
where it starts, but we exclude that part.>>Yeah, so he said those things. Now bear
in mind back in 2002, he responded to a question of whether he had ever tried marijuana by
saying, you bet I did and I enjoyed it.>>So here is the thing. So in 2002, he admitted
that he had done it. He went on to say that he’s a believer that we should enforce the
laws and I don’t think that decriminalizing marijuana is a good idea, and certainly not
from his point of view a necessary idea. Because of his wealth and privilege, he’ll
be able to try it and there will never be any consequences. Anyone around him, relatives,
friends, all that, they can do whatever, marijuana. That’s the bottom floor of what they can do
and never have to worry about police, but it also makes me remember the tape that Benjamin
Dixon found pf him talking about the xeroxing and he talks about all that. He says, well, so if black and brown people
get caught with marijuana, that’s only because that’s where the cops are, because that’s
where the crime is. And so what are you gonna do? But you said that knowing that you’ve
done marijuana, you know that it’s, you enjoyed it. It wasn’t a terrible thing. It didn’t ruin
your life. It didn’t set you on some sort of downward spiral. It was just marijuana.
And yet, when you had more than a decade to do something about making sure that everyone
else suffered no more consequences than you did for doing that substance, you didn’t
do anything, because you didn’t care. Because people like you were already doing
just fine under the status quo. And he says, now by the way, now he says he’s in favor
of decriminalization. Whoa, bold stance. But is he or is it just convenient to say that
during an election when this is a guy who has done it and demonized it for decades throughout
his life?>>And when you’re illegal activities on and
aren’t, don’t come back to haunt you. You don’t see them as illegal anymore. You’re
like yeah, I mean, I did it, but nobody bothers me about it. It’s an internal. You start to
develop a thought process that yeah, it’s not illegal for me. You wouldn’t say that out loud. But you think
yeah, I mean, I’m Mike Bloomberg. Families of Bloomberg come down. Yeah, smoked it and
it’s fine. But if someone else did, they’re on a downward spiral. I’m moving I can get
the video, but he talked about how it changes are. We gonna get to it? I changes your IQ, it’s
gonna destroy the workforce. Companies are going down, because they can’t have a good
rich environment to hire people from so that’s where it comes back to. I’m gonna have a bunch
of dummy potheads working for me and that’s what I don’t want.>>Yeah.
>>That’s his problem.>>And by the way, we should note that it
doesn’t lower your IQ. So he thinks that he has dumb workers, because they get high when
they’re not working. It’s nonsense. It’s not found in any science, but that’s what he thinks
as a business owner himself.>>Wonder what he thinks about people get
drunk on weekends and then come back to work on Monday, cuz there are studies about what
alcohol does to you.>>Forget the weekend, he’s on Wall Street.
What about the people that have go off and have their martini power lunches? I’m sure that racist IQ. Sure does when I’m
drinking. Anyway, so that’s some of what we’ve discovered about Bloomberg today. I have a
feeling we might get more before tomorrow’s debate. Hopefully, war in Bernie’s debate
preptins are keeping track of the dues.


  • greg foster

    When you analyze the things that this guy says, ya gotta expect some callus corporate treatment from this dude…a true equal opportunity offender. His bottom line is "f" you but he just can't say it that way because he's runnin for president!

  • I got 5 on it

    4 years ago if you would have told me President Trump were to win I would have told you to get checked into the psych ward..
    Nowadays it's looking more and more like it's crazy if he doesn't win considering the people that he's up against.

  • Aida Martinez

    every time I dare to read comments, it reassure me the need of M4A, we need mental health urgently!! whatever the reason you guys have for trolling it is just a reflection of the desperation and lack of love and compassion in your lives.

  • heavyarms55

    Bloomberg is a Republican. That's what they think of addicts. I've seen and heard comments like that countless times. That's how they are. In their view, if people make a mistake, they deserve to suffer for it – unless of course, it's them making the mistake.

  • Tman Madison

    This is the epitome of Bloomberg. Just say no. Dont drink that big soda. Dont practice your 2nd amendment right. I alone will keep you safe and make your decisions. The oligarch in chief.

  • DR Dubois

    Wonder what Bloomberg has to say about the people who pushed all those drugs to get people addicted? Is he willing to attack doctors and big pharma?….

  • TellyToby 710

    – – i don't like the guy but – what he is saying is that this cannot be a good descent family if the son AND father are both at this party together and the son STILL over doses and so does the FATHER !! – when the FATHER should be the one protecting him and keeping him safe from this kind of thing !! = NOT a good father !! – – (family).

  • Donna M

    Before Bloomberg mocks anyone, he should take a look in the mirror. He's no prize package.
    Did he forget about his buddy Limbaugh?😕

  • Beverly Vinson


  • Henry Townshed

    Did he endorse communist Cuba and say that Castro was a good guy that was just free literacy to the world? What a stupid comment, he lost Florida Democrats are crying. Of course you're talking about this story that doesn't even matter

  • Tee

    He wants to take away all your basic resources from especially poor people and then blame them for basically committing suicide because of the material world he has created.

  • Porcelina's Ocean

    A paternalist. Yup. That's the perfect word. Good one as usual Emma!
    Is is bad that I'm kinda hoping someone tries to assassinate Bloomberg? Maybe they don't have to succeed, but hopefully that would scare him into keeping his disgusting mouth shut.
    He is a vile, hateful, pompous bastard. He needs to leave ordinary ppl the Hell Alone since he thinks so little of us

  • godonlyknows13

    Now I'm having vivid flashbacks to 2016 talking about Donald Trump and how awful he is, but look, I gotta tell you… This is par for the course with Michael Bloomberg. He really is just that disgusting. And if America allows him (or Trump) to come to power (again) then that's on them. They know what they're in for.

  • sairassiili

    Mike is a proper innsmuth fish-person. Kind of looks like a human, kind of speaks, talks and eats like a human. But not quite.

  • Free Nick Fuentes

    Emma is so dumb!
    Bloomberg a conservative?
    He is anti gun,pro mass immigration,pro abortion,pro gay marriage & he supports a 5 trillion tax hike!

  • Tim Apple

    This channel is insane. If a father and son both die from overdose at the same party, that is horribly tragic but let’s not pretend like that family isn’t totally messed up….

  • Entelin

    Yeah yeah, but was that actually a case of a father and son getting addicted to prescribed opioids? Cause I'm guessing it's not. Would a good father bring his son to a drug party? No, but should a leader shit on the dead instead of empathizing and try to bring people together? No.

  • Taz D

    Bloomberg: "A father and son team shot up an entire school at the same time. What a bad family."

    TYT: "Bloomberg's insensitive remarks, MOCKS dead killers."

  • DRSmetal

    Bloomberg represented politics of the past. He's an 80s Reagan drug warrior conservative. He sounds like GWB everytime. No thanks.

  • Craig Browning

    The Father and Son were probably trying to Self Medicate as a reaction to Political and Economic situations He helped to create.

  • Gamera 23

    Bloomberg is a scumbag, but you are reaching with this story.
    If he had a 4 month old and an 11 month old that he left home so he could OD at a freakin party, then yeah he's not a good person.
    I know there is addiction and so on, but he's at a party getting high with his own son while he has 2 babies at home. Compassion has its limits.
    Are we supposed to get offended when someone says muggers are bad people now?

  • mdo686

    Having quit both weed and cigarettes I can tell you that nicotine is sooooo much harder to quit. I`m off the smokes 16 months now and I still have craving's. Was there times after I quit weed that I wanted to get high? Sure. But it doesn't even compare to the addiction I felt/feel towards nicotine.

  • richsaak

    But it’s ok for billionaire greed to literally kill people. Imagine having more money than you can spend, but your only focus is getting more. Greed addiction has caused the world to be unbalanced and needs to be exposed for what it is.

  • onerpone

    Hey Turk and Democrat Motherfu-ks, Good News Bernie Sanders told Anderson Cooper last night that he had no idea how to pay for Free Health Care and Free College.

  • Mr Underhill

    he is disgusting and sadly so many follow him – it is so much easier to critizice them than figure out why it happened and who profited

  • Mr Underhill

    he really does have a slave holder attitude – slave holders don't want to allow their slaves to get high, it may slow them down, can't have big gulps that are too big, it may slow them down and cost slave owner money – oh no wait – the slave will have to pay for their healthcare too. why wouldn't he fight to save such a system

  • Notorious

    Racism in America today is killing or violence
    Is just tolerating a race but looking down on them and thinking they are beneath you and treat as such
    And some of the most racist ppl claim to be liberal & progressive

  • MrBlaq

    Doomberg is trash, but f*ck John's moral grand standing. Anyone who's dealt with addicts know they leave a wake of destruction and in most cases are better off dead.

  • Nicholaus Buthmann

    Yeah, these two people being spoken of were indeed quite stupid for their doing "ANY Hard Narcotic's" in the first place but, you should feel sorry for them for their stupidity and ESPECIALLY SO FOR THE FAMILY THEY LEFT BEHIND!………Roman Catholic Socialist Boy chiming in here!

  • Sandra Gray

    I'm not against anything that dogs Bloomberg or takes him down. He's an elitist, self-involved idiot as far as I'm concerned. I don't want him to preside over this country.

    But I'm not sure how to take the word "good" here though. The tone of his voice here doesn't make clear that he is being nasty nor condemning nor mocking the family. In fact, there seems to be some low key worry though not necessarily for the people I guess. He could be saying that they aren't a "good" family, as in the structure of the family has deteriorated due to drug use, without meaning they are inherently bad people. I don't know because there's not much context in terms of other comments by him about similar things (and I don't follow him in general nor do I want to follow him.) And the clip stops without hearing any of the conversation surrounding it.

    Regardless, this clip of Bloomberg doesn't seem to be that old. It does show somewhat that he is out of touch with the masses and the way many are starting to think about drug addiction. And the TYT guy is right: it shows no compassion for what the surviving family is dealing with which is the real point to me of this video. . All that trauma of dealing with their addiction and the final tragedy happens. You'd think one of his advisers would've advised him now of how to phrase things so he isn't taken the wrong way.

    Honestly, just a decade or so ago, many people who don't condemn some drug addicts now, would've and did condemn the drug addict. It's a learning process in trying to understand the causes, etc of addiction. I dare say that there's a lot of marijuana users, now that the stigma is decreasing, that consider themselves better than crack or heroin users. It's a learning curve and often people only become more compassionate/educated when it hits their family. Really when the crack epidemic was high, next to no one had any compassion for crack addicts, but they were mostly poverty stricken people, and the middle classes then (wanna be middle class) did not care about the drug addict, only mocked and condemned. I have almost as much confidence in the compassion of much of the middle class towards the poor & suffering as I do in the compassion of elitists like Bloomberg towards anyone.

  • Lelynn Miller

    🙄 the government WANTS the Doctors to get ppl hooked &then cut them off, so that they are FORCED to take matters into their own hands & seek out 1 of those ppl on the streets, that are selling the "FAKE pills." (which is the reason so many ppl are dying from fentinal, WITHOUT EVER doing it) the 1s with the higher tolerance end up ingesting too much of an unknown substance. (leading to an overdose) the fact that we NEVER hear about these ppl being busted, leads me & my Trump supporting Brother to believe that it's another 1 of the governments ways, of "weeding out the weak." (much like the 1s who eat pork, cuz they can't afford to eat steak & sushi every fukin night & the ppl of Flint, who are unable to afford to boil noodles & wash their clothes with BOTTLED WATER!💦) the government is no longer having so many ppl dying from tobacco, (since LESS ppl are smoking THESE DAYS) & u would THINK that'd b a "GOOD thing," but that was probably their main way of keeping the population down. so the Doctors cut ppl off & the government takes ppl food-stamps away… & if u stop & think about it, an overdose, OR STARVATION, will actually work a whole faster, than what smoking will. legalizing weed is the ONLY thing that's cutting that # down. THEY SHOULD LEGALIZE IT! they're just butt-hurt that ppl would b able to grow it THEMSELVES & the government WON'T see a cut. let us grow our own sh!t, in OUR OWN gardens, right beside our fukin tomatoes. 🌱 what's the big fukin deal? ppl don't die from weed & they don't go getting stoned & trying to fight their neighbors. (that's BOOZE that does THAT)
    💁‍♀️ like it says on my refrigerator magnet… "god made pot, man made beer… who do u trust?" 🤷‍♀️

  • Mike Godwin

    Holy crap another clueless billionaire. Hey let’s vote him in presidential office too. Hell him and trump can take turns sitting in each other’s lap in the Oval Office what a pair of New York nuts. The two them should put their heads together and make an ass out of themselves

  • RuleofFive

    Eveyone knows that addiction means bad people need to just be good instead of sick people trying to get better. Could it be that Bloomberg is worse then Trump because he's a little more quiet about his ignorance?

  • Lelynn Miller

    the government has MANY WAYS of "weeding out the weak."
    (the issue with the opioids, works faster than tobacco…. tho, it STILL don't work fast enough, so they cut ppl off food-stamps too, in the hopes that they starve to death)

  • Cameron Moore

    Maybe Bloomberg isn't trying to save anyone from drugs. He probably just likes giving cops the Right to lock people up for no good reason. And since most people use cannabis, enforcement of marijuana-Laws are suseptible to officers' (RACIAL, PERSONAL…)' bias. Maybe Bloomberg should try making a similar statement about my family and see what happens.

  • Cameron Moore

    Bloomberg's policies helped protect Jeffery Epstein. You'd never see cops patrolling some high-rise apartment building, i'm sure the NYPD appreciated him giving them a blank-check to harass impoverished and dark-complected people.

  • stecky87

    First off, mocking means 'making fun of'. He doesn't make fun of them. Secondly, a family that loses 2 members in the same night to drug over doses? Probably not a great family

  • Risky Girl

    I can’t believe there is someone worse than trump I’m literally in shock there is someone worst just below satan is trump and just below trump is Bloomberg 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Glühfunke

    “Yeah, it was fun when my friends and I tried it back in the 70s and suffered no consequences, but if we catch some little ghetto punk doing it today then we need to make an example out of em! Lock em up!”
    -pretty much all the slimy politicians who support the drug war

  • John Laurus

    Bloomberg 2020! Mike will Unite America again!
    Trump is a traitor to its own people and responsible for the unhinged racist lunatics.

  • Commons II

    He was referring to a parent doing drugs with their child. That's bad parenting to everyone NOT progressive enough to embrace playing overdose roulette with your own kid.

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