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Halo! My name is Shintaries from Blogger Perempuan Network,, It is a network for bloggers whose members are female bloggers from all over Indonesia, right now we have 3200 members And we organized events, such as educational and blogging training, both online and offline, and for any bloggers who want to monetize their blog,
you can join us at The first time I found out about Dewaweb, I was contacted by their Business Development, and at the time our hosting was from abroad. After much consideration, on speed, capacity, and because we use WordPress, it was clear that we needed hosting that can manage WordPress and after much thought we decided to join Dewaweb. Dewaweb’s features really help us, first, we need website
with high speed and large bandwidth Because we are accessed by bloggers who need a lot of information from Blogger Perempuan’s website The capacity is also quite big because we have our own website, From there, we generate contents from Blogger that can help them such as backlink, traffic, and much more So we really need big capacity and high speed and our decision to migrate to Dewaweb was a good decision Because the migration process was not complicated, there are many support, the response is quick, very accessible, and Dewaweb really supports WordPress. I was pleasantly surprised with Dewaweb’s Ninja Support, because with our previous hosting, when we submit ticket, it takes one or two days for them to respond. It’s very different with Dewaweb’s Ninja Support, who only via live-chat, we can interact a lot with them and they will help us find the root of the problem and fix it right away. And because we work 24 hours, so even at midnight, 2 or 3 AM, we can still contact their support and they are willing to help. What I like the most is they can find the root of the problems. if anything happens to the website and they will find the fastest way to resolve it. They give us the solution right away. Even from tickets, their response is surprisingly fast.

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