Block websites on your PC : Block websites via Host file
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Block websites on your PC : Block websites via Host file

in this video I will be showing you how
to block websites are a website on your Windows computer so for example I have
already blocked Facebook so if I go to Facebook and I click on Facebook you’ll
see that the web page is not available that is because I blocked Facebook on this
computer so I’m going to show you how you can do this so basically if you
don’t want to block sites that are probably distracting or our some site you just want to block so what you want to do you want to go to your C Drive let’s just go to our C
Drive you want to go to Windows and when go
down down to system 32 and then you want to look for drivers which is right here
so my computer local disk C windows system32 drivers now you want to go to
etc’ and you’re going to want to edit this file your host file so
right click click open we’re going to use notepad alright so for example you want to block
YouTube now first thing you want to do is you just want to go down one by pressing the space bar and you wanna type and you want to enter the
website that you want to block so let’s trip do and you want to
save this now and just in case when you when you’re
trying to save if it’s saying something about some administrative
you don’t have administrative right to save what you want to do is click on the
host file go to properties go to security go to edit go to your name and
you want to make sure you have this selected which says full controlled or
just check all of these and then you can click ok
and okay so what I want to do I want to go back to Chrome i wanna restart chrome
you have to restart your browser for this to take effect, not always but its just best
lets go to YouTube now and let’s see if we got this thing right should be blocked and that’s it
so you can you can you can add as many sites as you like that you want to block
just each time you notepad okay so each time you just go down one and you
start again again you can add um whatever site you’d like to add
alright that’s um thanks for watching if this video was helpful please leave a
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