Block Email Spam By Blacklisting Free Domain Registrations From WordPress
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Block Email Spam By Blacklisting Free Domain Registrations From WordPress

Sam here from CreativeMinds. In this video
we’re taking a look at a new plugin that blocks users whose domains have been blacklisted
from registering on your WordPress site. This plugin helps you avoid unwanted spammers,
viruses and malware by blocking unwanted visitors. The plugin uses several methods to detect
unwanted domains including Spam Assassin’s constantly updated list of thousand of spam
domains. You can also manually add domains to the blacklist or whitelist. The site administrator
also has access to detailed record of all failed registration attempts. Let’s take a
look at who this plugin help you protect your WordPress site from unwanted viruses, spam
and malware. Before we get into the general settings I
just want to talk about the blacklist and the whitelist for a moment. So the blacklist
is the list of all of the domains that will be blocked from registering on your site.
And the whitelist is a list of domains that are allowed to register despite the fact that
they’ve been flagged. However, you can also choose to allow only domains on the whitelist
to register on your site so it’s really up to you. Here in the general settings is where
you’re going to make that distinction. As you can see here we have the first option
is accept domains only from the whitelist, so this is if you really want to restrict
who has access to register on your site. Then we have use the DNSLB domain service, so you
can choose whether or not you want to use this service. Next you can choose whether
or not you want to actually use the blacklist, or the whitelist. The free domain list so
this is the list of nearly three thousand domains that have already been identified
as spam or malware. Before we head over the to blacklist I think it actually makes sense
to look at the free domain list first. So this is a list from Spam Assassin. This site
is automatically finding these spam domains and adding it to their list. And then what
this plugin is doing is pulling from Spam Assassin’s list of thousands of these domains
and it’s adding them automatically to the blacklist. So you can always update this list
at any time.. You can also whitest domains that appear on this free domains list. For
example if you want someone from to be able to register on your site you can
simply add this domain onto the whitelist and it will cancel out that domain from the
blacklist. So people on will be able to register for your site. Now let’s head over to the user blacklist.
Here you can add additional domains that you want to prevent people from registering on
your site in addition to or completely separate from the free domain list depending on those
general settings that we explored earlier. So for example if I add this means
that anyone who tries to register with an email address from will not be able
too register for the site. And we have a handy little domain tester in the plugin as well,
so if you want to test to see if a domain will be accepted or not, you can go ahead
and add that domain to the domain tester to check it. And as you can see here as we blacklisted the domain tester tells us that that domain is blacklisted. Now let’s go over to
user whitelist. Here you can add new domains to the whitelist which would cancel out the
Spam Assassin list. For example we were talking about so if you take that domain,
add it to the whitelist here, that means that when someone from attempts to register
on your site they will be able to despite the fact that that domain appears on the Spam
Assassin list. And if we go to the domain tester and we put in, you’ll see
that this comes back as a valid domain for your websites email registration. The next thing we’re going to check out is
the labels. So these are the messages that will appear when people attempt to register
for your site but for some reason they were blocked. If their domain is blacklisted, or
if it doesn’t appear in the whitelist, or the domain is in the Spam Assassin free domain
list, you can create labels that appear in all of these instances and customize them
based on what you want people to see and on what you are going to read in the registration
log. So depending on the settings that you choose, different messages will appear. So now let’s head over into the registration
log. So here we have a list of all of the failed attempts at registration on your site.
So this means that the domain is blacklisted or the domain is in the Spam Assassin’s list.
Or fro some other reason this person was blocked from registering so you know exactly when
that person or spambot attempted to register for your site. You can see the email address
they attempted to register with, the reason for the failure and the IP address associated
with that registration attempt. So now let’s take a look at what this actually
will look like for someone who attempts to register with one of these blacklisted domains.
For example we’re going to do cats since we blacklisted the cats domain. And when this
spam bot attempts to register, see registration failed because this domain is blacklisted
on your WordPress site. Thanks to your new plugin from CreativeMinds. The Email Registration Blacklist Plugin is
an easy way to protect your WordPress site from spam, viruses and malware by detecting
blacklisted domains. Visit to download the plugin today.

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