‘Bizarre Web’: Trump Attorney Giuliani Hunts For Personal Attorney | MSNBC
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‘Bizarre Web’: Trump Attorney Giuliani Hunts For Personal Attorney | MSNBC


  • Kevin Falcao

    Curious QUESTION.
    A mayor after his term is still addressed as mayor.
    A vice president after the term is stilled addressed as vice president.
    A president after his after the term is still addressed as president.
    A secretary of state after the term is still addressed as secretary.

  • Kay Ferguson

    Also a confession from trump when throwing Rudy under the bus stated that Rudy has other client's. So confirming that not only disguarding him but saying his intentions could be other cause he is working with others…. international clients conspiracy, national security compremiszed, invitation to hacks, and abuse of power to gain money. My might as well just give America secrets away and I believe this is what they are doing.

  • michelobjohn1

    Giuliani once a Big City New York Mayor and Big City New York Lawyer now his tit is caught in the political wringer. Now he wants to be a country lawyer from Mayberry

  • Theresa Johnson

    Giuliani smokes crack, and Trump is dropping pills, anybody in their right mind that holds the highest office in America would be careful about what is being said, while the world is watching, but dolphins don't care they think that are the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • Spyderred

    Never forget or forgive what the Republicans have foisted off on the country, just to benefit themselves at the expense of the country.

  • theresa Montoya

    Laura what happened. Somebody must have talked to you. Your not so cokky. Now i hope you learn trump is no good. And his cult followers.

  • ChiTownLioness X

    So glad the Black man said that. Black are not stupid! We know what's what. We know who the racists are in politics. We are the ones that keep the Democrat party relevant. It's no surprise to us all this political chaos. What did you all in America expect. I'm glad Trump is POTUS exposing what Anerica is really about and it's not anything good.

  • Donald Storm

    My opinion that Giuliani is still doing crimes while the impeachment hearings are going on somebody needs to do the RICO act on Giuliani and Trump they are gangster like and they just won't quit removal from office is too good Giuliani needs to be put behind bars probably for the rest of his natural Life and Donald Trump my opinion is he should be removed from office and let the state's deal with him especially New York State once these people get ahold of them they can put him in jail and no he cannot be pardoned. I also believe while he's been doing all of these crimes everybody that he is appointed to a position from the supreme Court on down they should be removed!!!! Because they were appointed by a criminal

  • Lawrence Dosithee

    If rudy cause his boss so much pain there is enouch e vidence lock up rjdy make an exampla out of him aiding the president of u s a to be a clown .

  • Wesley Smith

    Let me make this simple for you Dumb MF's! If the president says "Do US a favor and look in to the Bidens for corruption". This question by our president would only be the "END OF THE WORLD FOR US ALL!, SADDEST DAY!" BLAH BLAH, WHAH WHAAAHHHH, for the BIDENS! NOT US AMERICANS YOU FOOLS! And only the "End of the World" for the Bidens if it turns out to be true! IF ITS NOT TRUE,,,,than TRUMP would take the "L" and would work against him in the 2020 elections if investigated and found false! (We call that "pulling a SCHIFF" in the business) LOL. Pretty sure Trumps not dumb enough to ask another country to look in to the Bidens without really thinking the Bidens were up to no good. Heres a solution…..LETS INVESTIGATE THE BIDEN SITUATION! Give yall a chance to make Trump look stupid (legitimately for once). If you dont investigate, im considering them GUILTY!!! Like yall doing to Trump since elected! F Hollywood F Media F Dems! Yall are too sensitive (in a fake phony way) now days! LOL

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  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Noises

    It would take some impeccable timing, the right kind of pedestrian crossing and some very talented driving,
    but I'm pretty sure it would only be difficult, not impossible, to get them to each push the other under a bus.
    Think of the ratings.

  • Joel Manrrique

    Why doesn't the Media call out Trump Everytime he lies about no collusion we know there was never reminding him that is a co-conspirator why is he taking the fifth why is he blocking eyewitnesses you shouldn't have the power to do that all his Republican senators should be locked up with him he's a lying thief in the White House with be enablers on his side not the Constitution or the country we want to make it look like Russia white people only they want power and gerrymandered for them if we don't come out in VOTE that's another thing these Republicans are suppressing the vote I could go on and on for days

  • Jeffrey Simpson

    It appears to me that Rudy has always been working for the Russians when he was chasing down the Italian mob but was he also chasing the Russians or was he be paid to Chase the Italians Rudy acts as if he knows he's guilty of everything and just going through the motions but really understands he's just going to jail

  • Ernie Brust Sr

    Remember folks Trump thinks of himself as a WISEGUY .. TALK TO RUDY .. TALK TO MICHAEL COHEN..talk to anyone but me.. so It won't be able to be linked back to me..

  • Georganna Smaltz

    I never watch FOX NEWS!! They help Trump and his imps lie!! I wish more people would watch MSNBC!! 🇺🇲 I am 64 and MSNBC IS HONEST!!🇺🇲

  • David Gallegoes

    Ghouliani is as big a clown if not bigger than his buddy Donnie,and he's a country bumpkin, not much of a lawyer.

  • ManOWords

    Tom Steyer, a patriotic billionaire for we the people for over 10 years. He should be placed in the cabinet to stand up to climate change, environmental science, putting cancer killing restrictions on corporate killing chemicals back into our air, water, food, our precious environment that big dirty money takers got the fraud traitor to pass. Remove Indict and Imprison.

  • snoffulufoges smart

    Hey let's get this straight once and for all that photo of Rudy Giuliani down at the World Trade Center he was not down there because he went to console New Yorkers he was down there because he did not take the advice when he was told not to put the command center in the World Trade Center because it had been attacked in 1992 I believe it was Larry Silverstein who gave him money when he was running for his first term as mayor and because of that is call Quick pro quo he put the command center in the World Trade Center which New York City was paying something like 1 million dollars a year for the space so his Command Center collapse before his very eyes so he had to turn around and go back to city hall or wherever he was going back 1pp One Police Plaza

  • Mr. Hyde

    Nice Spin These Democrats better be careful, they might get what they are crying for. Trump WANTS a trial so he can Finally put up a defense. And it will turn out to be more of an Offensive position. either way Trump WIN WIN Wins… Trump 2Q2Q @https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn4weTY-2zE&list=PLM_tVXBx-AAM-rQsWrqMWpixpqLMx17wl&index=4&t=0s

  • Estella Trevino

    There's nothing more satisfying, then to prove your innocence in front of the world. Which I have never had the privilege.

  • Led Belly

    He been dirty a long time see when.he wiz step on.Black folks and people of color every one turn a head close they're eyes…but when he started robbing and stepping on white folks…Oh my my my lol levels you shouldn't cross #1thou

  • sherrie c

    Hey Republicans this is what you call a proclamation. And if you don't know you know now. The prezz has treason, everyone with him is a traitor to this country.

  • Smileyface Smileyface

    Rudy Giuliani needs to be disbarred. Everyone of these Republicans need to be removed from office. Starting with the liar-n-chief.

  • Daniel Kruger

    The system is broken and the Republican Senate is the reason it's broken. The party before country is a broken government.

  • Patricia roe

    I'm wondering how tight of a lid Barr has on SDNY? He is a bad news bear and I don't mean like the cute ones in the movie. The corruption in this scandal and who played what part is starting to widen.

  • empresstina876

    Haha WHO next wants to go to JAIL for Donald Trump? Idiots defending a snake. Glad all of these old crooks are getting weeded out !!

  • canuck

    Treason? And Trump conspired with him to break the elections act. Give Repubs their crime.
    I am so relieved this is all emerging. Rudy sounds demented, its possible.

  • Kevin Montegomery

    Let the Fed's do their Job.This is not news I don't care about Rudy Gulianni.Am I alone ?
    How about giving us all news about what is happening in this Country to American Citizens because of this administration.All I see is anger.unethical behavior ,How about a happy story about some children getting honored for anything just pick a topic.Where has all the Joy gone ,we were at one time proud to be Americans.Conned by a Reality TV Star.He has no meaning in my life.His day will come.

  • Saul Rivera

    I was so proud of Rudy and I'm pretty sure many people feel the same like me but when Trump involve him and his business ugly business my heart drops I don't know how people with so good reputation it goes that low.

  • Yvonne Wright

    As a black woman, y'all need to listen to this black man from NY. New Yorkers know Donald Trump and Guliani very well. I'm from Jersey and I know they have never been no good. At one point New York was lawless. I don't really know if it was under the mayo,r, but he sure relished in all of the glory.

  • cyberash3000

    with hhindight, the terrorists should have hit giulanis buildin.g or hit trump tower imagine the trouble those terrorists could have saved you. shame you cant go back in time go upto the terrorists, dont stop them but convince them to hit trump tower and giulanis buildings. they would be heros lol

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