BioPharm Private Cloud Hosting Services

So, here you are, the sponsor or CRO. And,
here is an application from Oracle that you want to implement and configure. Let’s say
it’s Argus Safety. You want to get the application up and running
quickly, but you don’t have the required knowledge or IT infrastructure in place.
And frankly, you don’t want to spend the tremendous amount of money that it’ll cost you to implement
the application on-site. That’s just the implementation! What about
the expertise and resources needed to maintain and upgrade the system and servers? What about
the end users? Who’s going to provide support to them?
And, so far, we’re only talking about one application. What about all of the other applications
you need? As a sponsor or CRO, what you really want
is to build your pipeline or improve your services, not worry about hardware and software.
Now you have a better choice. With BioPharm’s Private Cloud Hosting Services,
you don’t have to worry about implementing Oracle’s clinical and safety applications,
and buying or managing the equipment that goes along with them.
Plus, you don’t have to worry about technical or application support issues, ever. That’s
our job. You just have to use the applications.
Billing is easy. Just like your cable bill, there’s a monthly
fee for hosting your applications. It’s that easy.
So, what are you waiting for? Contact BioPharm and join our growing list
of hosting customers.

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