Binging with Babish: Krabby Supreme from Spongebob Squarepants

Here you go sir a king-size ultra krabby Supreme with the works, Double Batter fried On a Stick. Thanks Barnacle Head. Pardon me? You Forgot your Mayonnaise. Thanks. Look at them eating that Garbage. It’s Disgusting Hey what’s up guys, Binging with Babish Where this week, at your behest, we are making a Quadruple Deluxe Burger, Double Battered Fried with extra Mayo and served, on a stick So first things first, we gotta make some special sauce we’re starting with equal parts, mayo and ketchup, maybe like a third of a cup of each and then ideally we wanna add relish But I don’t have any, so I’m gonna chop up a pickle very fondly And a nice shake of Paprika, a little shake of Garlic Powder A Quarter of a small onion mixed fondly 1-2 table spoons of Yellow Mustard Give it a mix with a spoon if you don’t wanna get your Whisk all Clogged up Taste for seasoning with a single fingertip Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. Now we’re on to the Burger Patties themselves and whenever we’re talking about fast food, to me that means Smash Burgers, so we’re rolling all of our Ground Beef into 2 ounce little Meatballs Seasoning with kosher salt and freshly ground Pepper And we’ll introducing into a wicked hot cast iron skillet Lube with Vegetable Oil and heat over to medium high until whips of smoke arise off the surface of the cook top. Insert Meatballs of the situation and squash flat with a stiff cold Metal spatula with leverage assistance from a rolling pin Squash them flat, wait till they are deeply brown on one side Flip and cook for like 30 more seconds tops before topping with cheese, stacking high and removing from the heat I know these burgers are a little small, I meant for this to be a practice round But they came out so good I decided to roll with it. And these are Deluxe Burgers Which meant lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, and of course A generous smear of our special sauce and based off it’s height Alone I’m guessing it is a Quad Burger, so we’re Stacking 2 more Patties on there, top of a secondary bun Loading up with all of the request toppings and splattering our top bun With sauce, and there you have it a serviceable fast food Burger That is relatively healthy burger compared to the one that we are about to make For our deep frying batter, we are combining Half a cup of Corn Starch, Half a cup of all purpose flour, a teaspoon of baking powder, A teaspoon of Kosher Salt, 3 quarters of a cup of logier, And a quarter cup of Vodka In a Larger Bowl, Whisking gently to combine so it’s not to build up too much Gluten in the batter And I forgot, this is a Krabby Supreme, so why don’t we throw in some bacon in there Before we skewer the whole thing through with a bunch of Skewers Snip off the long ends and then we are heating 2 quarts of peanut oil at 375 degrees Fahrenheit While that heats up, it is time to batter our burger words that I never thought that I would say The batter should have the consistency of paint So feel free to add beer if it’s too thick But that’s assuming that you ‘d actually recreate this Which I really hope that you are not, anyway we are deep frying this guy for 4-6 minutes until it is evenly golden brown and crisp Removing it to a wired rack set in a baking sheet And allowing to drip dry and cool off a bit Before removing the skewers painfully and it’s time to double batter our Burger, something that I really never thought I’d say Be careful as the only thing holding this together is a thin layer of tempura And then very carefully lowered down into the preheated oil Frying again for 4-6 minutes until evenly golden brown And Crisp, you know the drill, use this time to Contemplate what life decisions brought you to this point and then we are Taking this out and Placing it once again on a wired rack set in a rim baking sheet Allowing it to drip dry and cool off a bit before We prepare for consumption, this guy is normally Served on a stick and this is all I’ve got so, I don’t know, there you go But I don’t know you guys, but I am more interested in The Cross Section than I am eating this on a stick We haven’t had a good Cross Section and this is A choice one, it’s oddly beautiful in a way But as usual, it all comes down to taste And I’m really super embarrassed to say, but this was really good I mean it is a deep fried, double batterd, quadruple cheeseburger How bad can it be? But, Oh my God, I almost forgot the mayo This is what makes the dish Sorry you had to see that, no body is allowed to make a meme of that Th-that’s Illegal

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