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Hi I am Ervinson from We are a company that provides information, motivation, and education for body-builders in Indonesia. We have been with Dewaweb since 2011 and our company has partnership with Ade Rai, Rai Fitness, and Rai Institute. Whenever we had problems, like our website got hacked or infected with malware, Dewaweb Ninja Support had helped us fixing the issue and cleaning the malware. They also gave us many tips to improve our website security. The most amazing experience was when our database got injected with malware, then we asked for help. Within less than a day, they have cleaned our database from those malware. If we had to do that ourselves, there were nearly 600 records that we had to clean one by one We really appreciate the help from Dewaweb Ninja Support that saves us lots of time. I also love Dewaweb feature to configure our own PHP settings to match our website requirements. I also love the Time Machine Backup feature which is very useful and also we feel much faster performance on our website from Dewaweb’s SSD storage technology. We from highly recommend Dewaweb to our friends who do business online or need servers to develop your online businesses or websites, you can count on Dewaweb to deliver!

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  • piw dede nurmuhamad

    Dewaweb Sangat Bagus Sekali Saya Baru Beli Hosting Di Dewaweb Web Hosting Pertama Di Indonesia Layananya Cepat Tidak Lemot Sagant Bagus Di Bandingkan Yang Lain Pembuatanya Hanya 7 Menit Silakan Silakan Klik Di Maju Terus Untuk Dewaweb

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