Biketouring Xinjiang – China’s most remote province
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Biketouring Xinjiang – China’s most remote province

Our time in China was nothing like we
were expecting. The political situation had worsened and it’s now illegal to
cycle freely through Tibet and into Nepal Our plan B was to go through Pakistan
and India, so we applied for the Pakistani visa online and we were sure
to have it after only a few days… But time went by and we had no answer
so we decided to slowly move towards the border and hoped for a resolution After two months in Central Asia you
really really really miss the variety of food So you can buy meat and violin hair!
Look at that! Aurelie is not happy No, okay, let’s go to the police Today we’re trying to hitchhike in China
Let’s see how long we’re here for Whoa that was quick! Hello! Are you going to Kashgar? But we don’t have money, is that OK? No money! One person is 120. Ah ! 120 for one person It was a taxi! It was a nice taxi but it was a taxi, so we’re gonna keep on trying… It was the Customs! Well, they could give us a lift! So it’s been two hours and a half now
that we are trying to find a car to go to Kashi. I’s not working at all so we
went back to the hotel and they called a shared taxi for us. The thing is
that they don’t have other passengers, just us two, and it won’t go to Kashi if
we’re just the two of us so we’re waiting… Let’s see, and meanwhile Marco is outside trying to find a car. You can see him there but so far no luck. Okay so we
got a ride but we’re paying for it so I suppose it’s considered cheating… Maybe? Yeah but it was the only option. Yeah there was no hitchhiking… no hitchhiking in China! So we made it to Kashi! It was a really
stressful journey. There were many police checkpoints on the way and the police
was wondering what we were up to, they even told our driver that he shouldn’t
had given us a lift but yes, we finally made it!
However this morning we learned that to go back to Tashkent, that’s where we left
our bicycles, we actually need either a special permit or the Pakistani visa. Of
course we don’t have either of those things so while we’re here we need to
work something out… yeah let’s see what happens with that. Meanwhile we’re here
so let’s take a look at Kashi We just bumped into these weird guys! Like what is going on? In a Chinese city! Did they find your porn?
No, no. Actually not because they scanned my phone and… How you doing dude? Are you OK?
I ate mulberries today! From a tree!!! Hello! How much is it? Show me with your hands… 10 Aurelie eating spicy Chinese food It doesn’t look it but it is spicy! It’s too spicy! Spicy food no good! Come on Aurelie, you can do it! Trying to sort the bill out 20 minutes later New country new culture and now Marco is trying to make a kite fly! It’s Saturday night and we’re in China! Aurelie get back in the field We’re in China so, what’s happening? We just met some guys from Sweden. Yeah… Swedish guy, can we meet those girls? Hello girls! Uh, boobies! Hey get off! Let’s see, we’re going to party in China! Kashi’s famous night market Let me get this one Thanks What is that? Is that a cricket?
I don’t know It’s pretty good! This one’s not bad!
Really? You can just try them? So, to China! Cheers! I mean I don’t know what’s going on but… But there are people waiting here for the gate to open. They’ve been here for 5 minutes, we don’t know when the gate will open and we’re just wondering; isn’t it faster for them to go around? But I mean the gate is a little bit open
I mean you can squeeze in there you know But they are not Italian like you. No but that’s not the point… Excuse me! Excuse me! What’s going on? Hello! Oh! What’s happening? You don’t know? Is she sleeping? Is this one sleeping? She’s sleeping! Oh he’s got a vacuum cleaner and a pink helmet! Look at that! Just open the gate! This is a Chinese market… in China! Crazy!!! Security is a big concern in Xinjiang Even hostels are highly secured It was time to go back and face reality. We still had no news from the Pakistani authorities We were torned by uncertainty and anxiety. But the splendid weather that day gave us hope Finally, to get through all the police checkpoint we lied. We showed a random email from the Pakistani E-Visa application. Luckily it worked You can see here Kongur Mountain. It’s a
very special mountain for us for two reasons; one because it’s the highest
mountain in The Pamir it’s 7719 meters high and the second reason is because we have been here in Tashkurgan for two weeks and it’s actually the first time that we see the top of the
mountain without the clouds! So thank you Mountain for doing us this favor Destiny had a surprise for us which helped us to take a decision Where are you going? We’re going to Pakistan! Oliver, a British cyclist we had previously met in Samarkanda, motivated us to go to the
border and clear the situation with the authorities Pakistan! World’s highest ATM To be continued Goodbye!


  • Bartlomiej Grudzien

    Amazing! Thank you for possibility to see how people live in China! The only thing I didn't like was mocking of women on the scooters but that might be only my impression. I'm waiting for another video! Good Luck!

  • Laetitia Chapuis

    Love this video!! Thank you for sharing your day to day life so far from us. Keep going and show us the world! Love you Titos ❤️

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