BigQuery migration, streaming files, & more! (This Week in Cloud)
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BigQuery migration, streaming files, & more! (This Week in Cloud)

This week, we’re talking about
migrating, streaming, and generating insights
with your data on BigQuery. I’m Priyanka, and welcome to
“This Week in Cloud,” where we serve you the
lowest latency news. Traditional data
warehouses can be expensive and
difficult to maintain as data rapidly increases in
volume, velocity, and variety. We know that businesses are
turning to BigQuery to keep up, so we’ve put together
a quick guide on how to start your migration plan. Get prepared by creating
a migration plan and then going through the full
data warehouse migration guide. Storing data in
cloud storage helps you not only keep your
files accessible and secure but also gets them ready
for real time analysis. By using Cloud
Functions, you can run code every time
a file is uploaded and stream the
data into BigQuery. Follow along and try it out for
yourself in the solution guide. Now that you can move
more data to BigQuery, we’re also making it easier
to work with your data using persistent User
Defined Functions. Felipe has another
great post detailing out how to create and share UDF’s
across your organization. Check out the details
to create your own or use the ones that
Felipe has shared. Looking for some more guided
practice with BigQuery? We’ll unroll in From
Data to Insights with GCP specialization
on Coursera. You learn how to query and
process petabytes of data on BigQuery. It’s got interactive
scenarios and hands-on labs to give you meaningful practice
at skills that have never been more relevant. Enroll today. If you want to read more
about this announcement or see a full list,
check out the link. Have any thoughts or ideas? Leave us a comment or tweet us. We’ll see you in the cloud.


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