Beware | Never Ever Let Anyone Purchase Domain & Hosting For You | Meetup Special
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Beware | Never Ever Let Anyone Purchase Domain & Hosting For You | Meetup Special

Hello Everyone, My name is Sahil khanna and Today we are at Our Meet-up We gonna talk educationally only, As today is Tuesday and Will talk about Domain and Hosting Domain and Hosting are the good things only if You are taking It. and If someone else take it for you, that might be RIsky Let me tell you how? We have this 3K And 5K website going on a Lot in our Country and they will provide you domain as well as Hosting Try to understand this Logically You are building Your Business, and building Your domain Domain mean Brand, That’s Your brand If you are building your Domain, And that Domain is Owned By another X Person You have made your Website from them in 5k for now But when that brand expands in a year or So. is owned by that person only You payed him 5k now, But if he will ask for 50k later on, you have pay it Because he owns it and If he act cleverly, He will start doing business from his own side And if you didn’t trademark your brand then it might be possible that someone take your business from You Second thing is Hosting You should also not take the Hosting from the Third Person, Reason? I’ll tell you why Suppose you made the Website from this Person You made the Website from his for 5 Thousand You owned the Domain but the Hosting was hosted by this person Next Year, He ask for 5 Thousand from You But Logically why should you pay 5 thousand? If you go out for the Hosting, that would cost you around 1 thousand But he is asking for 5K, You think he is trying to Cheat you and if you refuse him, he will terminate your website in Next Second So Ideally you have to buy the Domain under your name along with the Hosting You have to own each and every thing and In Future if i have to make some changes in my website, i’ll share the details with the Developer But Everything should under my Control So this was the small awarness i wanted to give to you and all these Young Entrepreneur that never make any Regretful Decision in Your Life of Not owning your Domain and Hosting By any other Person Greetings Behind the Scenes Typical Bollywood Song Some more Typical Bollywood words If you are still watching, means i am not a Bad Singer Again a Typical Bollywood Song By me and Subscribers if you thing someone was staring at you throught the Video Subscribe to the channel for more of this Some over Excited Subscribers Me while solving some Subscribers Problem, wont say typical this time No more Subtitles now, Writer takes the Leave


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