• WP Eagle

    Hope you like the video! Let me know your favourite WordPress plugins! Remember, you can find all the links to the plugins featured over on WPEAGLE.com here: https://www.wpeagle.com/enhance/plugins/best-wordpress-plugins-2019-essential-guide/

  • Kolya Tolboy

    Well done Alex. I am sure you will be flooded with other suggestions, so to get the ball rolling, I use the Disable Comments plugin which is really easy to use, although Marty suggests WordPress Zero Spam I think. My other two suggestions which I would rate as very important as opposed to 'nice to have' would be WPS Hide Login and Limit Login Attempts Reloaded. But you video was great and helpful. Chat to you next week about the symposium I wrote to you about. I'll have more details for you. Well done once again, and a very happy New Year. Best wishes, Colin

  • Jayjay F

    Have u updated to the Gutenberg WordPress, it takes some getting used to but it is good, shortcodes are now put in a classic block, it would be good if you could do a video on it

  • Mark Henry

    Thumbs up for sharing this wonderful video. My favorite plugin is Blog Designer. This is a dynamic plugin that helps to make my blog more attractive and stunning. >>>https://wordpress.org/plugins/blog-designer/

  • Visualmodo

    Traveler – Blog WordPress Theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/traveler-wordpress-theme/ A beautiful and modern blog theme, designed specifically for the travel blogger. The elegant, grid-based layout puts the focus on your featured images. The different post types allow you to choose the best way to display your photos and articles ?✈️?️?️

  • Leo P. Art

    Great like button plugin alternative to let your users like your content by "clapping": https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-applause-button-rating/

  • Geoff Fabic

    Nice videos! Defo use some of those in future. What would you say the best plugins are for a home decor shop? One that stands out from the rest? 😉

  • Martie Helweg

    Do you have a video that explains how to use USER REGISTRATION? Do you use it to make an email contact list? What is the difference between that and Mail Chimp for instance?

  • Kailas Panhalkar

    Hello, I just saw your video of plugins guide. It’s excellent.
    I have a pair of questions: Do you use akismet? Do you recommend it?

    Thank you.


  • Sterling Williams

    YAS!! Duplicate Post insanely priceless (if I’d known years before would’ve saved 100s of hours of my life)! As is Elementor! Happy Forms by far my fav free contact form ??⚡️????? great video, I’ll start using Akismet as I always delete but didn’t know it can keep client sites spam free ??

  • Nathanael Moh

    Just a side note: if you use Elementor you do not need the Maintenance plugin. Elementor comes with a maintenance feature which is really helpful.

  • Aplus tutorials

    I think it's amazing that you would devote so much time to freely share what you know without cost. You're a fantastic teacher. It's astounding to me that anyone would give a

    thumbs down on this video. I can only imagine the caliber of person this could possibly be. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more!!! I have some good WordPress tutorials

    on my channel and I use it everyday for me and my clients. Love it! Thanks

  • jugonesandroid

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  • Ant Brad

    1 minute into this video and your still talking what is not appealing to ur audience! I got bored and went to another 10 best plugins instantly starting with a quick jingle and straight in!! You need to take your own medicine and look for a plug-in to get to the point!! People do not like to hang round listening to the usual long intro crap!! Subscribe here after a quick jingle should be enough!

  • Vikas Singhal

    Free WordPress Plugins –Hide My WP Lite: https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-my-wp-lite/
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    This video was incredible, You seem a little nervous but you have no reason to be, this content was perfect, i've been away from my word press websites for a couple years now and these were all my favourites as well, i just couldn't remember them all! Thank you for sharing

  • Damian Baker

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