Best WordPress Hosting 2016 – My Experience
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Best WordPress Hosting 2016 – My Experience

hi guys joel woolhead here chances are you stumble across this video because you were searching for best wordpress
hosting 2016 in this video I’ll discuss my past
experiences with hosting providers we’re posting how godaddy and bluehost I was
with web hosting hub for many years that were good reliable had lots of server
room unfortunately a little bit slower but
their support was great go daddy was a little bit faster than
we’re posting have their support was by phone call i only made it really
difficult times sometimes chat it’s a lot easier or support tickets now
then moved on to bluehost bluehost was was a little bit faster than godaddy
again that a chat support which is really great however sometimes they did struggle to
resolve the issues and fix the problems on on any of my websites are then
finally found a new hosting company i searched and searched and i finally
stumbled across something that that was that was cheap was reliable and the
company is called fast comet there they moved a fairly large we commerce website
for me in a few hours any ticket day they reply fairly quickly and I explain
how they fixed it and and the reasons as to why they have a great admin area
where you can switch between the different see panels when I first signed
with him i signed up with the e-commerce WordPress package and from this day
actually at the time had a buy one get one free which worked out really great
because i was able to split up my website between the servers and not cool
not having so much load on the one server so yeah I from my past
experiences from all the hosting providers i really feel that fast
comment has been the best choice for myself its shape is reliable a great customer
service and the spades double that of bluehost
and and godaddy if you enjoyed this video please go ahead and like the
button below and leave a comment if you’re interested in learning more about best wordpress hosting 2016 head over to hosting and i will
then have more videos more in-depth reviews of the support the back end or
fast comet you will find all this on my website at Joel head over
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with fast coment and i hope you enjoyed it speak soon


  • Best Wordpress Hosting 2016

    Hello, Stay tuned for new videos. I will do a video on the admin area including support ticket time frames very soon 🙂 Checkout the latest specials


    Good one
    Another option A2Hosting for 20x faster with anytime money back guarantee.

  • Christopher Jensen

    GetLark – Free hosting for three months
    They have really simple user-friendly dashboard, so that you definitely won't be struggling while managing your websites

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