Best secure and private email services review – guide to Gmail alternatives and encrypted email
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Best secure and private email services review – guide to Gmail alternatives and encrypted email


  • The Hated One

    YouTube doesn't promote my videos. I guess we can all guess why. But there is so much more that needs to be done. If you'd like to support my channel and help make these videos possible, you can sign up for NordVPN at or use my coupon code 'thehatedone' at the checkout to save 66%. NordVPN will help you protect yourself on the web and you'll be able to safely bypass censorship. Thank you for all the support.

  • hakonthegreat

    This is interesting, and I am confused. If I sign up for one of these encrypted e-mail providers, and I mail my friends who still use Gmail or others, will they just receive a normal mail with text/pics, or did you say they will get a link to go somewhere to read and reply? If so, that is totally cumbersome and most people won't do it..

  • Funny Man

    Don't get me wrong. All these privacy services are great but its a fucking shame we have to pay for the privilege of privacy. Fuck this Orwellian world.

  • Tom

    You're a brilliant man and fully informed. Thank you for sharing in such a concise and to the point making a really good video. Thank you.

  • Gary Grimley

    I just found your channel a few days ago… Amazing… I have been using BlueHost as a hosting site, and e-mail provider for some time… As I understand, this is not a secure way to communicate, esp. if I use "Outlook" to read and write e-mails…. Or am I far off track. I will definatly switch to the tor browser in addition to using VPN.. I had considered IPVanish, but perhaps Nordvpn would be a better choice, as I understand they support your efforts. Thanks

  • Charles Yeo

    Which of these email stay alive the longest? I had providers delete my account only after a few months of inactivity. This is the reason why I still use Gmail for my less used accounts.

  • Lynching Bloody Cross Of Criminals

    the idea that I could actually find someone let alone a gtoup of people who want to receive and send encrypted message, is almost as prepostorous az the idea of one true love.

  • Michał

    I wanted to change mail and i had found some really bad things about Protonmail and Tutanota. These services may suspend your account or even delete it. I wouldn't trust them.

  • GWBushpig

    What's with the illuminati pyramid (mountain) logol on Protonmails' website?? The same with with mailfence website logo a shield full of stars and full of pyramids. Of similar interest I was also looking at Linux server distributions the other day (I think it was uBuntu) and noticed their dinosaur logo with at least 2 distinctive pyramid shapes in the dinosaur logo. You mention to help support your channel by clicking on NordVPN who advertise as being Panama based and yet they collect payment via USA, sure they give some excuse that money has to be transferred via USA etc and yet what is their logo?? A mountain in the shape of? Yes you guessed it, a pyramid. Maybe I am being paranoid but I don't trust the "supposed trusted" websites and companies over the net as in my opinion none of them can be trusted as 100% authentic.

  • Jeremy Smith

    This is more hard core than what I'm looking for I just need a second email for job applications so I can keep my work email separate from my verifying that I'm a real person email.

  • Michael McAllister

    I have been ripping my digital band-aid off for years trying to figure out how to stay anonymous on the web. Your videos have been helping. Keep doing what you do and spreading that big tech needs to go and cannot be stood for anymore.

  • Ed Spencer

    I have been enjoying your vids and learning a lot.
    This one brought up something that I feel I can offer as a tip that I use and teach in my privacy class.
    When it comes to security questions, you’re right that if you answer them, someone could potentially look up the answers.
    IF you answer them honestly.
    I tell my students to lie and lie bigtime!
    It can be even easier to remember a huge lie than whether or not you capitalized your best friend’s name.
    Q: Who was your best friend in high school?
    A: LawrenceofArabia

  • Zagy

    I would really like to switch but I belive that Gmail offers the best protection for my data that I fear to loose in case of a hack and yes I know that everything can be hacked because I am into such stuff

  • Tcll5850

    is there a local option available with just as much security (the email version of Tox)??
    I almost never shut my PCs down, and explicitely use linux, so I'm not worried about malware attatchments automatically running.
    heck, even if I do get one, I have Comodo to back me up and quarantine it 🙂
    if you've already made a video on this, please link me to it because youtube gae 😛

  • DB Alexander

    I am starting to look into switching into a more secure all around way of doing that. Your vid's are very helpful. I have a 2011 Macbook air and a pc desktop with Windows 10 home. I use for chat, email privacy but I am beginning to see there is nothing totally private at my level of experience…

  • hoo gooo

    tutanota will delete free accounts if you have not checked them in 6 months. mail fence has 12 months and 4 motnhs extra before your entire account is deleted.

  • m80shep

    what are your views on riseup? I've been using it for a few years now and although it is a bit (well a lot really) lacking on the features it would appear to me like a good service. i did read about the fbi raiding the servers that they used a few years ago so i presume they were on us soil which is not the best.

  • Einhärjar

    Disroot is ran by communists, who on earth would trust them? They'll sell your ass to the government the second you say there's only two genders, because then you're a fascist in their eyes.

  • June Milner

    Find my email address and contact me information about our Facebook app address please share with google hangouts Facebook email app please help me use google hangouts Facebook email app please

  • Kusai Km

    The funny part i want from getting a decent amount of likes and comments to zero and I noticed that because in the past two years I always had high amount of comments but the past year I drop to zero like I do not get any likes or response something is weird that YouTube is doing so I created this account my first comment got 150 Likes and 13 comment in couple of hours the next day I left a comment I got zero like they know who I am it’s like they have my Social Security my information where once I open a new account they know it’s me and that will put me on some ghost mode or dark shadow mold or mold that I won’t be seen anywhere

  • humanISvegan

    Protonmail is asking me for email, sms or donate in order to create account. No captcha option available anymore .Why? I dont wanna give any personal info . Please help.

  • Rajesh Mridha

    Dear hated one I loved your videos but I have doubt over proton mail as it is made by cern scientists (cern is funded by really worst kind of people) plus most corrupted richest people of this world keep their moneys safe in Switzerland!

  • Julef Mapper

    Communists need to listen to your tactics on sabotaging the big data industry.
    ❤☭❤ Seize the means of communication ! ❤☭❤

  • Miguel Towarich

    "And not exactly as friendly as today's websites trying to attract the most brainless user-base possible." I laughed out lout when I heard that. Too true.

  • Joelle Morris

    Great info here. thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge on security. Do you know if Mailfence encrypts the calendar and contacts as well? I could not find the info on their website.

  • John Halle

    Funny how everyone is cursing gmail but uses the same to comment on YouTube, *cough* even the creator *cough*

  • Alexander Brooks

    Is the Spark email client on my MacOS safe? Or should I use Thunderbird? Also is iCloud email safe too?

  • Calabaza

    I may have missed something but did you say that the people I email have to set up a Key? is that for every email they have to put in a key password?

  • MyOther Soul

    Seems like a lot of extra work. I'll go for the convenience, I use gmail because there's nothing I say in emails I would he ashamed of, maybe slightly embarrassed but that's ok. Nobody really cares that much about what I am doing. But if you want to use one of these "secure" services fine.

    How do you know they are secure? They release their code? Do you really trust them to release the code they actually use? How can you know what they use on their servers? Or is compiled in the download you get? Or do you download, the code, study it and compile it from source? If you do, great, go for it. Maybe sending secure emails is your thing, like a hobby. Then great, we all need hobbies.

  • brant _ish

    I was planning to go off grid because of the thought that my info was being breached from all the social media so thanks for this.!!!???

  • LordZeusCannon

    I wonder if it would make a difference if I used the other site/app to log into my Gmail. it would be futile for me to try and switch now considering I use my Google account for nearly everything online

  • tanker2sh

    Oh man I didnt know protonmail was made by people from cern. Thats kind of a red flag for me coz cern has a luciferian agenda. Dont put your eggs in one basket, be a skeptic and dont put all your trust in one company.

  • TheCocoaDaddy

    I'm a fan of PGP but I haven't figured out a good way to exchange public keys with designated parties. What's the best way to do this? Great video!!!!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!!

  • ferkemall vis google app is totally open =no sign in at all any body could pick up the phone and see my mail
    =droid on orio i junked the app !

  • Simon Soka

    2:25 you say end-to-end encryption. No such thing exists if we talk about using the email in the browser, I'm sorry for you to hear the truth, but this is, how it really is.

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