Best Screen Recorder Software and Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tips
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Best Screen Recorder Software and Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tips


  • Sahil Patel

    Hey gal make video for how to organise video n conntent for editing like tuns off video clips day1 day2 travel video or weddings

  • Into the Details

    I started with Screen Cast O Matic but I wish I saw this video first since I probably could have started with QuickTime and then Movavi as you did. Great video as always! Thank you ?

  • Ross Gile

    Hi, great video. I use Techsmith's Camtasia. It's amazing. However, it's alot more expensive than your recommendations. I think I will drop Camtasia and go with yours.

  • Blackapino The Apple Guy

    Can you insert Screen Recordings into your Main Line when editing? I've always wanted to Do this but wasn't sure as I've seen other Creators video's of past videos on their videos.

  • Ali Dollar

    Great video as always.
    Saw Rode NT mic there, can you please make a review of it along with some tweaks and tricks for making the voice quality a bit better?

  • Alain Lafleche

    I use Snag it love it

  • August Celine III

    How much does motion tween cost? Does it come in a plug in pack?

    Edit: Oh I see now, I found the link! ?

  • Amazing Ameya

    This was really a helpful! tutorial Premiere Gal!, Since I am a Tech YouTuber, I use screen recordings a lot!, Even bought the impact presets!,yay!?,I would love more such screen recording editing tutorials from you,Keep Up The Good Work Gal!!

  • derekmackphotography

    Camtasia, lots of functionallity and is a great editor in it's own right, as well as having the screen capture

  • kwakthisway

    you can speed up your editing by using the add edit short cut. It save time from clicking c cutting them clicking c again. Search for add edit assign a new shortcut to it. because it's default is wierd. Good vid!

  • Premiere Gal

    If you guys want to learn editing shortcuts, I have a whole video on that here:

  • Clarke Smith

    I use ScreenFlow ver. 7.7.1 on my MacBook Pro. It's a paid software. I don't remember exactly how much it was but it records the screen and various audio sources very well. You can add call-outs, zoom into and out of areas of your screen and crop; you can export your video to various formats such as directly to YouTube or audio only files. It's pretty robust., but I didn't know about the QuickTime record option. It seems better if you just want to do a quick record without having through an additional export. thanks Gal!

  • Paul T's World

    Hi, could you do a premiere pro tutorial on how to improve voice audio in a simple way – perhaps giving it “body”. My voice is too “tinny” 🙂 . The tutorials I’ve found so far make things too complicated and involve diving into Audition.

  • Neg Pozitif Deubash

    Gal for some strange reason I can't open my video in premiere pro 2018 or 19. What's up with that girl? lol

  • A Revamped life

    I keep getting the message "unsupported or damaged file" is there anyway to stop this? Do you have any videos on this?

  • Scott Balkum

    I noticed you were using "scale to frame size" instead of "set to frame size". Doesn't "scale to frame size" affect resolution if you zoom in past 100% since it is resampling the image from the timeline resolution and not using the full resolution of the clip? I always understood to use "set to frame size" unless you never intend to use more than 100% of clip size.

  • Tom Glander

    The zoom in effect alone was awesome. And pointing in the direction of Capto was great. Lots of great info here!

  • Supermonkey 1964

    I highly recommend Movavi Screen Recorder 10 (i use Mac version) as you can do a completely UNATTENDED screen recording with it. You simply click the little CLOCK Icon in the upper right corner (Next to the Camera Icon). Enter the Date of the recording, as well as the Beginning/Ending time and you are all set. I couldn't find any other screen recording software that does this. 🙂

  • Andrew Elder

    Another solid FREE option for PC is Flashback Express. Doesn't include an editor, but it's fine for recording screen, audio, and even webcam simultaneously. You can export to MP4, but you'll need another program if you want to do any editing.

  • Scott Silva

    I use Capto these days. Have used Movavi on Mac in past but had lots of audio issues when screen recording with audio as in NO AUDIO. Capto just works.

  • Said Shafik

    Hi Gal,
    Can u make video tutorial for showing circle transisation or circle swipe effect … for reference pls check intro of ths video

  • Marco Garcia

    Hi is there any way you can make a suggestion to Adobe premiere
    to add a function similar to the animoto slide show mix randomly the photos but for premiere to mix all scenes inside a bin folder…
    I know you can mix by file name capture time and recently they add
    arrange scenes manually but to it will be incrediable to just click a button and is done…thank you

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