Best of All That’s Josh Server as Detective Dan | #TBT
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Best of All That’s Josh Server as Detective Dan | #TBT

I’m Detective Dan. Oh, excuse me, miss. I didn’t mean to startle you. Oh, you seemed to have
dropped your trousers. Here you are, ma’am. I’m Detective Dan. Everybody up against the wall
and nobody move. Um, Detective Dan? How are we supposed to get up
against the wall without moving? I’m Detective Dan. Well, well, well… You wanna know what
this looks like to me, do ya? It looks like the perfect place
for a picnic. Boys! Right here. Someone’s broken into my safe. Lucky for you, this safe is empty. Well, it’s empty now.
All my jewelry was in there. I see, and where’s
your jewelry now, ma’am? I don’t know, it’s been stolen. That’s illegal. Now, will you please help us find
Kind Harold’s golden trousers? Not to worry, ma’am.
King Harold may have my trousers. Guard! Disco dance with this principal! [music playing] My bouffant ! What are you people doing? We’re just doing a little lawn work. But I need no lawn work! I want my jewelry back! Oh! And this definitely says ‘rub’.
What do you think? Yeah, I think that there says
‘being rubbed’ not ‘robbed’, ‘rubbed’. Nobody move!
Someone has stolen my pants. Is it hot in here? This is a robbery. A robbery? A robbery, here. Ma’am, please don’t hurt me.
Take everything I got, here. Here’s my wallet and my badge. Here, take my fish. And here, you know,
you can have my pants. Officers, dust this woman
for fingerprints. Is it hot in here? I don’t feel it. Yeah, that’s much better. So, what do you have to say for yourself? Ah, not talking, huh? Officers, arrest this man. We’ll get a story from him
down at the station. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Eenie meenie miney moe. Ah-ha! Apparently, I’ve robbed the bank! I didn’t think I could get away with it. I didn’t expect Detective Dan
to be on the case. Hey you, skinny guy. Are you robbing this bank? Pardon me, Detective Dan,
but that is a skeleton. Don’t tell me how to detective, and I won’t tell you
how to squeeze melons. – Detective Dan.
– Ah! Look what we found in the butler’s room. Lock picking tools, a mask,
and this book entitled “How to Break into a Safe
and Steal All the Stuff Inside”. And look, he has all the jewels. – So what’s your point?
– The butler’s the burglar. Now let’s not jump
to any conclusions, boys. Now Charles, where were you on the night when the jewels were taken? I was, uh… somewhere else? Ah-ha! How could he have possibly
broken into the safe, stolen the jewels, when he was
someplace else when they were taken? I always have had
a fondness for great art. I especially like this one. That’s the exit sign. I’m Detective Dan. Spray me with that fire extinguisher
and throw me out the window! Let’s just do what he says. [screaming] Sir, wait. That’s the balcony. Hey, who’s the detective here? [screaming] [crashing] Boys! Beat me and then push me
so I go flying out the window. I’m Detective Dan.


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