best free web hosting for wordpress 2019
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best free web hosting for wordpress 2019

I’m going to show you how you can run a website free without buying any hosting you don’t even need a blogger or blogspot so without wasting time let’s begin the tutorial [Music] [Music] open your browser go to your Google Drive create a folder and name it what your domain name like this now upload your HTML files and folders in this Google Drive folder [Music] now go back and select the folder you create click on share make it public now go to Google and Tiger Drive to web click the first link you see now you will get to option here one is offering you to host a website from your Google Drive and another is for run a website using your Microsoft onedrive [Music] create a DNS record name now paste the text here and save the setting [Music] delete your domain name and HTTP part now go to your domain provider [Music] [Music] now it will take up to 5 min and then you can see your domain is now live [Music]

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