Bentley University’s Graduate Career Services
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Bentley University’s Graduate Career Services

Bentley’s Graduate Career Services
offers career development in various ways available both on campus and able
to be accommodated virtually as well. The main objectives of our team is really to
meet the goals of our students so whatever those career goals or
aspirations are we work with them through one-on-one coaching or eventing
to really bring to light their ambition and goals and and pair that with
successful events. All of the advisors in the office they really care about the
students so they try really really hard to tailor their advice specifically to
you and what you’re going through and they really make you feel like they
really care about your progress. In Graduate Career Services, we work really closely with employers we get to know they’re hard to fill positions skill
gaps we also talk to them about where their goals are in the future and where
positions are growing so that we can help align Bentley students with growing
opportunities. Everything that we’ve seen so far has been fantastic. We think that the Career Services bring a collaborative attitude to to the table
which is something that we highly value here at Wayfair. And so by creating that kind of cross collaboration and by being open to feedback I think we’re gonna help to
build a stronger cohort of talent coming out of the graduate program that are
gonna onboard here at Wayfair much quicker. Our graduate career development
intensive class also known as GCDI is a six-week course which we feel really
starts with evaluating your strengths. So beginning there we then move to covering resumes cover letters we prepare students with informational interview
tips and then we cover job search strategies and tools and resources that
are available in our office. Coming right here as an international student I got
some really amazing tips. What do recruiters normally look for how
do you set up your LinkedIn profile how do you network with people on LinkedIn. So it kind of eventually gave me a lot of confidence. Bentley students are just
more prepared than other students whether you’re at a graduate event or really anywhere. They know how to dress for an interview, they know how to speak. They’re ready to ask really thoughtful questions, they’re also usually done their homework on the industry or the company that they’re
talking to. From the young undergrads or even the young grad students to even the
people who’ve been in the workforce for 10 or 15 years that are going back to
their masters, absolutely I would say the Bentley grads are some of the best we
have that MathWorks. A Bentley student versus almost any other student it’s it’s really a home run. Graduate Career Services is a constant throughout your entire program and they have one goal to help you translate what you learn into
gainful employment. you

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