Benefits of Managed Cloud and Unmanaged Cloud solutions – Hyve Managed Hosting
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Benefits of Managed Cloud and Unmanaged Cloud solutions – Hyve Managed Hosting

Hi, I’m Graham
from Hyve Managed Hosting. Today I’d like to talk about
the differences between a managed and an unmanaged cloud. A managed cloud solution
is where a customer can sit with a provider, discuss
their current needs and requirements, as well as future ones. The provider can listen and
then work with the customer to architect the perfect
solution, as well as insuring scalability for the future. A good provider will be
able to offer availability, redundancy monitoring,
support, and more as required. The customer really will get
the best tailor-made offering. So what are the benefits to the customer? This means that the
customer can really harness the power of the cloud
with little expertise, without having to worry
about the costs of migration, configuration, the stress, the
time it takes to manage it. A managed host will also be
available 24/7 to fix any issues that may arise. They’ll cover security and compliance. This is often the best
solution if a company doesn’t have a solid IT team
or is inexperienced with the complex software that
runs within the cloud, the provider takes care
of the management and will support and offer
guidance whenever needed. A managed host provider
will also deploy platforms to best practises. You pay a little for the
management, but you get a whole team working for you. Each individual member
having their own skill sets. They become an extension of your business. So what’s an unmanaged cloud? Well, in contrast, the
unmanaged service from various public cloud platforms,
leaves the customer to plan, migrate, then manage
the platforms themselves. Hosting is a very complicated
and mistakes can cost hundreds of thousands of
pounds in lost revenue. Learning from mistakes can
be very expensive as well. The customer will also
have to be available for out of hours patching, they
will have to run their own security and compliance. Unmanaged public clouds will
give the customer all their web development team control
and freedom over their solution, which may
seem cheaper initially, but it may actually not
be perfectly specified or architected for the requirements
and if future proofing and scalability hasn’t been
factored into the project, cost can really rapidly rise. So how can Hyve help? Many companies don’t want
to rely on their developers or their in-house technical
team for 24/7 support, for scaling during marketing initiatives. This is where a company
like Hyve Managed Hosting really will shine. They’ll ensure that
you’re cloud is available at all times and supported. If you have any opportunities
or hosting requirement, please give us a call or drop us an email.

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