• marsmotion

    all those voices your calling out to turn on the main stream narrative are the ones most embedded in telling you lies about your reality to suit an elite oligarchy that views most people as just something to be financially harvested. good luck waiting for them to tell you anything useful. second, isn't it strange that a fair number of conspiracies, way above statistical probability are seen in time to be true. we should all know even the word conspiracy was a term used by our own intel CIA to discredit anyone questioning the main stream reality narrative. if your not a conspiracy theorist at this point you've been living under a rock or, like jim carrey, in a certain movie, in a reality tv show without you knowing it. that frankly makes you a dumb ass.

  • SpaghettiandSauce

    There seems to be a really common feeling that our current society is staggering on through momentum, and that all the institutions and conventions that held society together have broken down and we haven;t come up with anything to replace them yet.

  • Lisa Jiang

    The dopamine currency theory is interesting but dopamine is far from the only (or even the main) factor in determining participants' rate of success in arenas people care greatly about. I think people engage a different method of judgement when it comes to politics than when it's Instagram influencers.

  • Lee Crocker

    The brain exists in a homeostasis and risk aversion s under the control of thalamic norepinephrine. Risk taking is under the control of dopamine. The dopamine center does have a feedback to the risk aversion center to reduce risk aversion. Risk aversion has about a 4:1 probability in the normal brain meaning given 5 choices 4 times the risk averse choice will be chosen, 1 time the risky choice. The risk aversion center lies below the anterior cingulate gyrus sometimes called the seat of wisdom. So your brain is wired 4:1 to be risk averse. All of advertising and narrative is designed to change that ratio from 4:1 to something closer to 1:1 or less than 1:1. Do you REALLY believe a 10K trip to Sandels will be the time of your life? Media is the message designed through neurochemical manipulation designed to own your actions. All thought is preceded by frontal cortex activation meaning you actually act before you think, it just that the action is suppressed and then the thought follows. It turns out from a risk perspective the cortex tends to be subservient to the mid brain. The reason is we used to live in trees, and snakes lived in those same trees. We had to act before we had time to think or die from snake bite. In a selloff like today the natural response is to sell first and ask questions later. Today we trade against machines which have completely foreign reward/risk aversion characteristics compared to our wet ware. I absolutely agree it's a dopamine hit kind of life, but that exists in a risk averse context. Booze and drugs tend to null the risk aversion and enhance the dopamine hit and before you know it you're stuffing $100 bills into someone's G string. This system is well studied and is used to manipulate behavior from super market displays to casinos

  • All The Marbles

    When Ben Hunt said "the only currency that exists today is dopamine"

    A whole generation of millenials and gen z'rs felt that. 🤣😆

  • whydotheheathensrage

    do you think powerful men in covert board rooms, do not conspire behind the public's back ??
    If you think not, you have very very much to learn.

  • whydotheheathensrage

    the market is not free, you have manipulators like the ESF, The FED trading desk, government sponsored CBOE floor trades, the Working Group, and all kinds of powerful government manipulators in the background.

  • whydotheheathensrage

    Do you think it will be impossible for the market to crash if the FED raises rates to 6 percent ??
    That is a "normal" interest rate based on historical averages , right?

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