Behind the Scenes: Improving Search in Evernote Web
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Behind the Scenes: Improving Search in Evernote Web

– Hi, I’m Ian Small. I’m CEO of Evernote, and
I’m here today with Mariano, who’s one of the members
of our design team, and we’re gonna talk a little bit about what Mariano’s been working on. So Mariano, what problem are you trying to solve for our customers? – Right now I’m working on the search experience for the new Evernote Web because currently we
have a very basic version and we’re trying to make it more powerful and streamline the search. We’re creating this very
interactive experience where the second that you
focus on the search box, we’re going to open this overlay that’s going to show you
a number of suggestions. Some of them are going to be
recent or suggested searches, some of them are going to be notes or notebooks that you
can jump directly to. So as you’re typing, these suggestions are going to change,
literally for every character that you enter you’re going
to get different suggestions. – So today, in the web version,
the search is basically, I go to the search box,
I type in some words, I hit Return, and then
I get search results. – Correct.
– This is different. It looks like as soon as you start typing, you’re getting things back interactively. So let’s say you decided meeting
notes was what you liked. – So you’d select it using
your keyboard or mouse, and you will jump to a screen that’s going to look like this where you’re going to
see a number of results that actually match those keywords. – And I see they’re all highlighted in this nicely designed
yellow highlighter color. That seems a lot better
than what we’re doing today. – Yes, so that’s something
that we heard from our users, that they see a number of results
but they have no idea why, so we want to make it really obvious. – And I notice if I look at this list that the first one has a hit that’s in the title of the note and
in the body of the note. The next four are all in the
title, and then the body. This looks like we’re making
the title more important. – Yes, we have a very
smart team of engineers working on an algorithm
that’s going to prioritize those matches so that, you know, the one that’s hopefully
more meaningful for you is going to show up first. – That’s cool. So it’s not just about making the interface
easier to use and more powerful, it’s also about actually reworking the algorithm that sits behind
generating the searches. – Exactly. So this is showing another thing that we’re going to do, which is adding filtering capabilities
to the search experience. Filters are basically ways of narrowing down the list of notes. So for example, who worked on those notes, or when they were created, or where are the contents of those notes, like for example did you add images, or voice notes, or attachments, and so on. So in this example you type in M E and you actually have a tag called Mexico and you also have a person called Melinda that worked on your notes, so
you see her as a suggestion. Let’s pretend that you go
ahead and select Melinda, because you want to see the
notes that she worked on. – [Ian] Okay. – [Mariano] You’re going
to jump to this screen where Melinda has been added as a filter, and therefore you see a list of notes that Melinda has worked on. – [Ian] But I see you’re
still in Search at this point. – Right, because we want
to create this experience where we still give
you a number of options to continue to narrow
down the list of notes. So for example, you might remember that you worked with Melinda on something, maybe during last year, or this year, and that the note contains an image or a PDF attachment, and so on. – And so you can keep selecting these and narrowing the set. So this is a pretty comprehensive rework of the experience that exists today on the modern web version of Evernote. Where did all this come from? – So we went through all
the different experiences that we have on mobile, on
the web, on native clients. We’ve talked to a number of users. We saw what’s happening on forums. We also saw what was
happening in the industry. And we combined all
those different sources into this new experience
and we’re trying to establish a new pattern that
we’re going to implement across the board. – So we’re looking at
pretty pieces of paper here, and they’re very pretty. Is this just mock-ups? – Yeah, these are already, you
know, out of the design oven. They have been handed
off to the developers that are currently working on
this as we speak, literally. – Thanks very much for
sharing this with us. I think it’s great. It’s part of showing you
the journey that we’re on to try to make Evernote better. Better for you, and a better experience that all of us can use together. Thanks very much, and
we’ll see you next time.

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