Beach Hacks for Solo Travel | Keep your stuff safe while you swim
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Beach Hacks for Solo Travel | Keep your stuff safe while you swim

I mean, I will pay
for a locker five times, ten times, 20 times, if it means I won’t have my phone stolen. I think you would too. Get the locker, don’t risk it. But, if you do, follow these steps. (Music) Hi and welcome back to the channel. My name is Megan and, in today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you
my top-ten tips and hacks to keep your stuff safe
if you end up alone at the beach, which is a common problem
if you travel solo often such as myself. Hope you will enjoy this video,
give it a like if you do and subscribe, because I’m back here every single week
with actionable tips and hacks to make travel
just a little bit better for you. I’m going to dive straight in
to some creative ways to keep you stuff safe while you swim. I’ll start off with the more practical,
reasonable, recommended options, and then slowly move
towards the more risky stuff that you can give a try at your own risk. (Music) Tip number one: Only bring the essentials. I’m talking sunscreen,
water, towel, hotel key… If you are bringing sunscreen
and you’re alone, try to buy the spray-on kind, unless you want to ask a stranger
for an impromptu back rub. Your hotel key can be put
in the zipper pocket if you have board shorts. (Music) Or one of my favorite travel essentials, the flip belt, which you could just wear
into the water with you. (Music) Or you can also safety-pin it
to your swimsuit. Better yet, ask them
at the hotel front desk just to hold it for you
while you go to the beach. If you must bring cash,
only bring what you need for that short amount of time
that you are there. Do not bring your whole wallet
with all of your ID and your credit cards. Leave your phone behind
and bring a physical book with you as opposed to an e-reader
or other expensive electronic. By following these tips,
if someone does decide to steal from you, they’re going to be pretty disappointed. (Music)
(Cricket chirping) Let’s be honest,
you’re bringing your phone. Now, if you have a car
with one of the keypads, your next best option would be
to lock you stuff inside the car, leave the key inside the car as well, and just use your pad to keep the doors
and everything safe and secure. I know many cars
still don’t have this keypad and you will have the key
to worry about. This is a little bit creative
but hear me out. Have a $5 copy of your car key made
at a local hardware store. Most newer cars have
a transponder inside of the key so this is what is needed
to actually start the car. If you have a cheap copy made,
it’s going to unlock the vehicle, but it won’t actually be able to start it, so you could hide the real key
somewhere inside of the vehicle. This is a bit of a double whammy
because now, this key that you have, this cheap copy that unlocks the door,
has no electronic parts to it and you can take it in the water
with you swimming, in a zipper pocket or, again, safety-pinned to your swimsuit. You can also consider just leaving
the key on the beach because, if someone does find the key, they won’t actually know
which car it unlocks and, if somehow they do find out
and they get into your car, they’re not going to be able to start it. (Music) Let’s assume you don’t have a car. Your next best bet is to look
at the beach that you’re going to and see if they have lockers available. I’m not kidding guys,
pay for a locker; keep your stuff safe. It is worth so much more than the couple dollars
you will be paying. Assuming there are no lockers, make your own. This one-time investment could save you
so much money in the future. There are anti-theft bags
that you can buy on Amazon, which should be similar to the way
that you can have those little codes that lock your luggage
when you’re traveling. Buy one of these bags or take a zipper bag
and put a little lock on the zipper so you can’t actually open it
without unlocking it. And I know someone can just run by
and then grab your little zip zap bag. So, the next step would be
to use a bicycle lock and lock it to a pole, to a tree, even the lifeguard stand –
if they’ll let you. (Music) Bring your stuff with you into the water. I already mention that you can do this
with your hotel keys, same goes for credit cards,
debit cards… It’s not going to be damaged
by the water, and then, for electronics or money that would be,
consider getting a wet bag. There are wet bags
for your phone, like this one, for $10 on Amazon
that go around your neck. There are also ones
that you can wear around your waist or a sealed bag that you could put
into the pocket on your board shorts. This is a little bit risky. I’ve never had my wet bag leak
but I still feel a little bit sketched out by bringing my electronics
and my money with me into the water or, if the cord were to break
in ocean water, that is gone. So, do this one with caution. Now, we’re getting on
to the riskier stuff. My next tip would be ask a stranger
to watch you things for you. I’ll usually do this
with a really nice-looking family if they look like they’re
camped out there for the day. Sometimes I’ll even ask the lifeguard. If you’re too shy or don’t want to ask, I’d say then strategically
just place your things in front of the nice-looking family
or directly in front of the lifeguard. A little quick “hello”
or a comment about the weather goes a long way
and just creating that content… Content? Contact… Creating that contact, and then they know that it’s your stuff
and would probably feel obligated if they saw someone rummaging through it
to pipe up and say “Hey!” (Music) I get it, you are a strong,
powerful individual and you will keep your stuff safe
your own way, by yourself. Here’s the really risky stuff
that you can try doing if you insist on leaving your things
unattended on the beach. My next tip is to hide valuables
in inconspicuous ways. You could take out an old granola bar box and you could stuff
your phone inside of that and then put it
with your towel on the beach. You could also take
a sunscreen container – an empty one – cut it in the center, clean out the inside,
put your phone inside of it, and then click it back together. It’s unlikely a thief will be
stealing your sunscreen. (Music) I know people that have taken
this to the extreme and they’ve actually used clean diapers, wrap their phone up in it,
and then left that on the beach. Some of them even included
a melted piece of chocolate with their phone. (Music) Creative! It wasn’t stolen. (Music) My last tip is to bury your belongings. You would do this by putting it
into a plastic bag, sealing the bag, burying a hole,
putting it in, covering it back up, and then using your towel
or beach chair as a marker. Now, this is incredibly risky,
because if anyone is out to steal and they see you doing this,
it’s a huge temptation. You’re basically waving a flag saying “I’m burying treasure right here
for you to come find while I’m out in the ocean.” Also, if someone does decide
to steal your towel or your beach chair, you no longer know
where you hid these items and that just sounds so stressful
digging up the beach trying to find your belongings again. (Music) My mind was blown
when I initially discovered these tips and hacks. However, if someone is looking to steal,
they’ve likely stolen before, they’ve done their research and well,
they know all of these tricks. Even if you’re staying at a beach resort
and say, going in the lazy river, remember to keep an eye on your stuff, other guests could
very well steal from you. And honestly, I have never been stopped
going into a resort that I’m staying at or not staying at so,
you never know who could be around. (Music) Paying for a secure option
is generally worth the cost of not having to aggressively
stare down your stuff from the water on the beach. It is worth the peace of mind and I can guarantee that your valuables
are worth much more than the cost of say, a locker
or missed text message if you leave your phone back home. You can also read into the details
of each of the hacks mentioned on a blog post that I have
linked down below. Give this video a thumbs up
if you found it helpful and subscribe because I’m back here every single Tuesday
with new tips and hacks just like these and I would love
to see you again next week. Thanks again for watching,
catch you soon. Bye! (Music) Oh! Well, hello there!
Didn’t see you. I don’t know where I was going with this
and I promise I’ll never do it again.


  • Lashlove16

    Great ideas . I walked out of a dressing room to check with a salesperson on a size . As I was walking back I caught a girl in my purse .

    Later I found out she had stolen my $500 sunglasses

  • brokerbasil

    Cool practical topic. I thought I was going to get to add my own method but then you mentioned it as #10 i.e. bury your wallet in the sand.
    I once surreptitiously did that on a crowded beach near Barcelona and used existing markers on the beach (so not under my towel which might be obvious) to take bearings and pinpoint the spot. After time in the water, I returned and had to ask a newly-arrived group to move slightly so I could dig and produce my wallet from the sand next to them. They were quite amused and I found my wallet 🙂

  • Leo Howard

    "Oh I didn't see you there if you liked the video well you know like share and subscribe for more" an option I came up with for cute bit a the end no Charge <g>


    Great tips n hacks !
    I'm on vacation in Wildwood NJ but it is pouring rain
    Going to use these tips tomorrow thanks. I like the hollowed out sunblock bottle idea .

  • Leo Howard

    But thanks for the tip of spray sun block ain't not stranger rubbing my back unless it's a hot Canadian or American women or my girl should I have one

  • Mike

    This is a real struggle, I have pretty often. And since I'm mostly going to open beaches without any infrastructure, I ususally do it that way:
    I just bring some things with me. And mostly, these are old things, noone wants to have. Like an old damaged Huawei phone, or just coins to buy some ice cream.
    And for the very least way, just hide your stuff in your shoes, if you wear closed ones.

  • Jim Johnson

    What I have found to be the best is to get one of those small dry bags, small enough that I can clip it around my wrist, or on my shorts. That way I can keep my wallet/phone with me incase I need to take a picture, but it wont get wet in the water.

    Only solution that works for me, since even when I lock up my anti-theft bag on the beach, I can never relax because there is still some grubby thief out there that would find a way to steal it anyways.

  • Pistol

    I'm liking it me an my Mum shared a room and we only had one key so we put the key in a sock in shoe outside of our hotel room worked ?

  • Robert Maddelena

    I just saw on google two people got thier things stolen why swimming in Thailand. So yes Megan you are right on. Thanks

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