Bartender Won’t Serve Homeless Man Who Has Money | WWYD | PORTLAND
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Bartender Won’t Serve Homeless Man Who Has Money | WWYD | PORTLAND

the city of Portland is home to more
than 600,000 people but among them living on the streets and
in makeshift shelters thousands of men women and children who have no place of
the wrong to call home with so many homeless on the streets even open hearts can be tested and helping hands can begin to close we’re outside the Davis Street Tavern in
downtown Portland – hey you okay?
-yes but i’m hungry i’m gonna get you something to eat inside okay thank you -hey how are ya
-oh hi uhh I just have to get this guy some food -enjoy it okay?
-yes ma’am thank you you’re welcome okay you need to get the hell out of
here but she just gave you money I get some food yeah that’s not your money I’m sick of me homeless people all over
town there’s a shelter and get some free food you’re at a bar when a good samaritan
gives a homeless man twenty dollars for a bite to eat but as soon as that nice customer leaves
the bartender takes the money and tells the man to get out we’ll customers stick
up for the homeless man or where they allow him to be kicked out into the
street what would you do? hey you need to to leave huh you’re homeless stink you’re ruining the
meal for my real customers we begin rolling and right away this man notices
what’s going on -yeah enjoy okay?
-thank you
– you’re welcome have a good
day stay warm the second our good samaritan leaves our
bartender Tyler tells the homeless man David that he needs to do the same you need to get the hell out of here but she just gave me some money -i just want something to eat
-but it’s not your money okay? you’re welcome this is bad for my business business here for my other customers you need to leave homeless but i just need some food there’s plenty of shelters to gave you some food right down the street okay? do not come into my restaurant again i just need to get some water there’s a hose out back if you’d like
okay? and now one of their friends arrives this is not appropriate behavior
this is a public establishment I need you to leave we send David away so the bartender can talk to the group -guys I’m really sorry i’m trying to get..
-yeah i worked at a bar lately actually right next to this bar and oh yeah the surprises us not at all
yeah that was gonna get in the way we have to deal that we have to study for these people to get to her office what do you guys think I should do? I’d toss him out is he.. did not leave? nah i think i just have to go to the bathroom -i can’t believe it’s stressing that guy out so much
-dont worry about it just let him eat No! He’s disgusting… He smell like shit and he needs to get out of here wow! wow! you guys think that i should kick him out here right now? while one shakes his head yes
the others have no problem with David being there -Oh, yeah. We’re fine with it.
-Yeah, We’re fine with it. What should you do with the issues like this? I think we have different opinions
because I would have just let him eat you not so much yeah I think sometimes it makes other people uncomfortable and there’s uh the important to a great extent to make a lot of
services available for people so I think in towards the services is probably
one of the better things for him actually all right
no no no i’m a paying costumer she just gave me money this next customer watches as tyler
takes that twenty dollars and puts it in his own pocket -you should leave right now
-but she gave me the money sir this is not a soup kitchens but this is a restaurant okay? he appears to be by the way tyler is treating david sorry but she just gave me money and you have my money now ok that money is now my tip
for putting up with you okay? once he pockets the money and kicks out
the homeless man -our bartender apologizes to the customer
-really sorry about that they’re they’re all over the place i probably would have given him that money yeah she gave it to him yeah but I mean he’s just gonna use that
for drugs or whatever i probably would have gave it to him though time for us to talk to him I live in this neighborhood and I don’t give money to people on the street
because i know it may not go for food and it will go for drugs and the drug dealers are everywhere so I understand but that woman gave him
the money so i would have I would give it back back at the bar this couple faces the
same ethical dilemma it’s complicated thing because I see you point of view where if you allow that to happen then it might become a habit in the future but this time our bartender gives them
the choice about how to handle the money you think the money should go back to
him? you can give it to him but I can’t be the guy in my restaurant continuing to run a soup kitchen here vicious cycle, yeah. will give it back to him
and hopefully he’ll get food and not drugs I’ll go explain Yeah. Is that cool? so this kind customer brings the
money outside and talks to david I talked to that guy into letting you keep the money I gotta respect for him, maybe whatever, it’s his choice whether he wants to feed you or not so i think he would appreciate it if you would take it and order food somewhere else I really appreciate it good luck man no worries hi guys! how are you? hello! I have seen you before I am John Quiñones Hi! How are you? Nice to meet you How are you doin’? This is a TV show called what would you do you you know I think it’s acceptable for him to make the decision i just told her i was close to when he
took the money I was close to you know sayin’ let’s get out of here you know she didn’t seem like she was course giving him the twenty dollars so but I
see where the owner of the establishment have a hard decision to make we’re rolling one last time just yell get out, get out now! get… don’t come back can I just have the 20 dollars back? that she gave me please she gave it to me 20 dollars and you have it in your pocket once again our homeless
man gets thrown out of the bar but now watch what happens outside Hey man! What’s up? How you doing? All right. I was just in there he explains what’s going on he takes the 20 dollars and then he kicked me out Oh my god. Go tell him right now you’re call the police he said he’s calling the police think I should go back in there? Yeah. Tell him to call the police or you’re going to and that you want your money back and that was your money. You handed him the 20 dollar bill.. and he kept it? That’s illegal. That’s stealing. -Yeah
-Okay one of the guys decides to go in with
him for support I have a phone, I’ll go with you. all right. and now JJ percell talks to the bartender you can’t do that dude. he’s panhandling outside of my
restaurant and I can’t run a business with him it comes in here and he wont leave the restaurant he’s not
spending his own money but someone offered to buy him something
to eat right? -right
-okay, so you should give him his meal -we tell tyler to give back the money
-when she goes out here is your money out on the street we learned that these men
stepped in because they’ve been there in David’s shoes I’ve been out here on the streets before
i know it just like that people treating you just always have someone you know if you feel in your heart
that’s wrong you should definitely say something what made you do it I’ve been struggling in my life I’ve
been in his shoes are you homeless yourself yes sir how tough is it? -it’s extremely tough
-what would you say that all those people in that restaurant i must say.. put yourself in their shoes try to have
some compassion try to think about what the other person
might be going through what troubles they’ve had to face in their life with
obstacles they had to overcome the fact that they may have a mental health issue or an addiction keeping them from me that could be you that could be me sir it is we


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