Bali Day Trip 2019 | Has Tourism Ruined Bali? ?
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Bali Day Trip 2019 | Has Tourism Ruined Bali? ?

(Laughter) (Slaps)
(Pitched down laughter) (Music) Hi and welcome to the channel. My name is Megan and today’s video
is just going to be a bit of a fun one, talking about one of the day trips
that I took here in Bali. I’ve been working and living
all around Asia for several years now, often listening to people rave about Bali
while I sit there and smile and nod, secretly thinking “drunk Australians,
volcanoes, earthquakes, vegan food, lots of ‘woowoo’ cacao ceremony stuff
that I just don’t really understand.” I have never had an interest
in going to Bali… and then I went. I spent the month of June in Canggu, Bali on a co-working retreat
with Work Wanderers. So, the people were awesome,
that was great. I have a 20% discount cost for their next
retreat coming up in Cape Town, if you’re interested.
I’ll link that one down below. The retreat that I was on,
we had a few organized day trips, and they would be the style
where you get in a van and you go and you hit the top tourist spots,
which was what we all wanted to do. We wanted the photos, like we know
what we’re getting ourselves into. But we didn’t know what we
were getting ourselves into. So, you know that photo
that you see all over Instagram of someone it’s swinging on the beautiful
Bali swing off into the jungle? Yeah, you get there and this place is
like Bali Disneyland for Instagram, Okay?
(Laughter) You pay an entrance fee,
you line up in a big line, you get one swing,
you take the picture really fast, and then you move on to the next line up,
where you take another picture. And we thought that was… We thought that was a lot. There’s another photo
that you see on Instagram. This beautiful gate, the Handara Gate. So we want that photo
standing right in the middle. We get there, we see the gate. You know what else we see? It’s the entrance to a golf course! Yeah.
(Laughter) And get this… to take a picture at the entrance
to the golf course, which is the Handara Gate. You need to pay a fee
and then get in a big line up and then take your picture. Some of our group did decide to do it but I hung back
with my friend Gal and Hank. So Gal, who is about to have
his neck snapped, is from Israel, and then, following him,
is Hank from South Africa, and we were all on this
Work Wanderers retreat together. Oh my goodness!
(Laughter) The people that we met,
the locals in Bali, they were so much fun! So, the security guard
from this golf course sees that were hanging back
and he comes over to say hi. takes a particular liking in Gal first and this happens… (Laughter)
(Screams) Yeah, it’s good. That’s amazing. (Buzzing sound)
(Music) Oh! It’s my turn!? And then Hank what next, very brave man. (Buzzing sound)
(Music) (Slaps)
(Manic laughter) Gal and Hank survived, they’re okay. They said their neck
actually felt fantastic after. I think they were lucky. It was so fun! And that’s the vibe that you will get
from the locals all over Bali, which surprises me, because often
when you go somewhere that’s so overrun with tourism,
people don’t like you anymore. Not the case. And then I complain about the food
in Canggu being all vegan and fancy, jackfruit tempeh
with nut butter parmesan… (Cricket chirping) That’s also for the tourists. If you go and you have
the local Balinese food, it’s fantastic. There was this soup I…
Oh! Gonna butcher the name! Soto Mayora? It was like a spicy turmeric,
Indonesian soup, with egg and shredded chicken. The Balinese food, very, very good and cheap, not overpriced. …else we did on this day trip
was go to the water temple, which is considered to be one
of the most sacred places in the world. After Handara Gate, after the Bali swing, I’m expecting to go there
and see just all of these tourists inside. I don’t know, low expectations… totally blown out of the water. That was a pun!
beause that’s the water… Nevermind. What I loved most about this place
was the fact that 99% of the people going through this water
ceremony were Indonesian. And this is not like jump
in the pool on a hot day, this water was freezing, So, you see all of these Indonesians
in the water, with their families, putting their heads, dumping them
under fountain after fountain, shivering in little lineups,
waiting to get to the next fountain. They truly believe in this
and it was so beautiful to see. And of course, tourists can join in,
and they’re encouraged to. Not that many did, though. The way it works is, you get in a lineup,
you start at the first fountain and you get your head completely under it, and then you move on to the next fountain,
and you just go down the line like this. But there are a few fountains
near the end that no one goes to, and there’s a reason,
because they represent death in some possible way. And one of the members of our retreat
ended up in that fountain. (Grim music) It was pretty funny and almost
a little bit scary to see the… of the local. He realized pretty quickly
to move on to the next one. If you go to Bali, I highly recommend
you check out this water temple, and then, also, a waterfall
that we went to after. It’s a little bit off the beaten path and I’ll link the names
to both of these below for you. But there was no one there,
it was beautiful. And then, at the end of the day,
when you come back and you realize that there are places
like this that exist if you just go a little bit
off the beaten path. And then you have
experiences with the locals, eating the local food
or getting massaged by the security guard who’s just having a laugh with you. You realize that…
get out of the tourist mindset get away from the tourist spots
and anywhere can be beautiful. So, would I go back
to Bali? Absolutely. Would I go back to the Bali
tourist hotspots and stay in Canggu? Probably not, probably not. I was not sold on where
we were staying in Bali. The roads in Canggu… Oh my goodness! Where we were staying on the main strip,
it is road, cement trench. No sidewalk in there, at all. And if you don’t have a motorbike,
it’s incredibly difficult to get around. They don’t have a Grab or an Uber,
so you’re flagging down a taxi or using the taxi app, and often they have these imposter taxis that would come
and they’ll charge you more. It’s Blue Bird that you want,
but there would be fake Blue Birds. The ocean was right there,
that was beautiful. (Cricket chirping) If you’ve ever been to Bali
or if you went to Bali, would you pay for the Instagram photo
at the gate or at the swing? Or both of them? Let us know in the comments below,
we can laugh at each other. (Giggles) That’s it for me today,
have a fantastic week, and I will see you next Tuesday. Bye! Oh! (Manic Laughter)
(Slaps) (Pitched down laughter)


  • deny Jadul

    Too many cars and motorcycles, traffic everywhere, the goverment must do something, like makes some good public transport and stop the cars and motorcycles growth, use bicycle or public transport

  • Mike

    I can so much recommend going off the beaten path and stay a bit longer at a place, just to experience the locals and their way of living. Because honestly, everybody knows the standard tourist site and the surrounding shops, all selling the same stuff

  • oldcutler100

    Bali, Miami, Jamaica, etc needs tourist to survive. On the hand leonardo dicaprio made a movie call the Beach and the tourist pretty much destroyed that area. Money makes the world go round.

  • Chasing Clouds

    Hi 🙂 I live in Canggu, Bali and I would like to clear something up – there is something like Grab in Bali called Gojek and it is very cheap. But there is also a taxi "mafia" that forbids to call Gojek from certain locations – for example from the beach. You will see some signs near the coast saying that calling Gojek is forbidden. So you are forced either to walk a little bit further from the beach to call Gojek or take Blue Bird (which is more expensive).

  • Mark Bates

    First trip to the LAND OF THE GODS/1980…So..Kuta/Legian/Cannggu (pronounced/chung-goo) Sanur etc, very crowded now… not the true Bali anymore. I'm married to my beautiful Balinese wife and our daughter since born have lived 2hrs from the crazy tourist show of the party glitz of Kuta etc.. The real Bali is still there… Don't judge it by that. Head out of there ASAP if you want something genuine and stress free. So much to experience and places free to explore. It is a shame so many have only that as a memory of Bali. I don't want to say to much as it could be a good thing to keep it all to myself, so I think I will.. hahahahaha. Spending a short time there's no way you get the vibe of real Bali. There are more temples on the island than homes, that's a huge hint. Stuff tourists get to see and hear about are all BS. THAT'S NOT BALI. That's about money. Tourists are walking ATM'S. The real Balinese just work there (the tourist areas) for survival reasons. The real Bali is hidden from tourists and if you look it's still there without the lines and crowd's. I'm pretty sure it will stay that way for quite a while as they don't want that all over the island, just contain it, to control it. They're not stupid. Tourists don't have a clue about respecting the culture, and the Balinese are very humble and respectful. So to experience the people you first have to understand how they live and why, no difference in any other place I guess. A good traveller leaves no prints. Love Bali, they love you back, so much more than you see in the tourist areas. Beautiful and humble people. The poorest places are the most giving, it's insane how much they go out of their way to be helpful in anyway possible if it's in their power. Don't ever argue, or be an AH over prices and you'll get more than you really wanted. It is still a paradise because of the people and their respect of others. They are all related and brothers and sisters to each other. It's a pity that we of other cultures can't be more tolerant like they are, the Balinese I'm speaking about. That is a big part of their way of life and it's lost to most who visit. Get out and about and you will get the best experience you have had and want to go back again and again.

  • Ade Maulana

    Next try to SUNDAYS BEACH,uluwatu,ROCKBAR,uluwatu SINGLE FINS,uluwatu FINNS BEACH,canggu,OMNIA,uluwatu KARMA KANDARA BEACH,uluwatu Best tourism spot and popular in instagram and NUSA PENIDA ISLAND, HEAD T-REX BEACH ….BROKEN BEACH …and ANGEL BILABONG.

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