Backup Moodle and Download Grades
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Backup Moodle and Download Grades

>>Hi. This is Paula Ascher at Columbia Gorge
Community College. In this video, I’m going to talk
about how to backup your course and how to download grades. First, we’re going to go to administration
and choose backup. Okay, so this gives you initial
settings for your backup. If you want everything,
everything that the students did and the grade history, you’d
want to check these boxes here. You also have the
options for user data. So you can save the class without all this
user stuff or not. So this is checked right now. So I’m going to get everything. Then this gives you options for
the backup for the file name that it’s going to
create for you. And it’s going to tell you
everything that it’s going to backup for you
down here, okay. So that looks okay to me and I
am going to hit perform backup. So now we see that the backup
file was successfully created. Moodle then brings you
to the restore area, where you can see all
of your backup files. And you really probably
just need the latest one. So I’m going to go
in and clean up. So be careful about restoring. It’s possible if you click
the wrong things and restore, you know, one of these backups
into the current shell, then, you know, you could
end up with duplicate. As we saw in the menus, you can
choose certain items to backup and you also have
the opportunity to restore a certain item. So there’s quite a
lot of flexibility with this backup
and restore system. So a lot of times, the
most important thing that an instructor’s
backing up is grades, right. So in addition to backing
up the Moodle course, you can also download
your grades. So if you have them,
for example, as an Excel spreadsheet. Let’s take a look at that. So I’m going to go to
administration and then grades. So here’s an example of a grade
sheet that we want to download. I’m going to go to the graded
report and then go to export. And there’s a few choices
here, but I’m going to go with the Excel spreadsheet. It gives you some options and then you can
download the spreadsheet. Here’s a very basic example of a downloaded grade
sheet from Moodle. I know many of you are going
to have a lot more columns. So one thing that
might be helpful is to use the wrap text
function, under the home area. You could just do that and
that’ll kind of, you know, it’ll better organize
your columns. Another tip in Excel is
if you’re going to print out your grade sheet from
Moodle, go into print titles and repeat the student names. So that they appear on
each page of your printout. If you have any questions about
backing up your Moodle class or downloading your grade
sheet, please contact me.

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