Backstage WWE NXT UPDATES! CM Punk WWE RETURN?! WrestleTalk News Aug. 2019
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Backstage WWE NXT UPDATES! CM Punk WWE RETURN?! WrestleTalk News Aug. 2019

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as well as backstage news on NXT going to USA Network, and a huge AEW star suffering
a possible injury ahead of All Out. And at the end of this news we’ll be releasing
my Muscle Man Dance music video punishment for losing WrestleLeague Season Two. Which,
I think might be just as much of a punishment for you as it is for me. Click the timestamps
down below to jump to any of those stories, but first.
We’ll kick off this news episode by sending out our congratulations to Seth Rollins’
girlfriend Becky Lynch and Becky Lynch’s boyfriend Seth Rollins, as The Man took to
Twitter and Instagram to announce she’s now engaged to The Beast Slayer’s massive
bank account! The current Raw Women’s Champion posted this was the happiest day of her life,
and her co-workers and friends were out in force to also share their excitement. Ranging
from the standard replies from the likes of Nikki Bella saying, “Awww yay! Love this
so much! You deserve all the happiness in the world!!!” and Brie Bella adding, “Yay!!!!
Congrats!!! So happy for you both!!!” to the more ridiculous expressions of emotions
like Renee Young who posted, “Ahhhhhhhhhh ajjdjxjskkskkdndnsdn this is the best”.
But that’s a lot of lady folk responding, let’s check in with how super serious Lance
Storm reacted to the news. “Congrats to you both.” Not even the hint of an emoji
there, Lance, I like it. On a serious note, while it is funny to poke
fun at Seth Rollins for his recent Twitter missteps and his lack of selling in recent
weeks, this is fantastic news for both of them, and we here at WrestleTalk wish them
a lifetime of happiness. Let’s raise a glass to the happy couple.
Maybe they can talk about their upcoming wedding planning on a new podcast series…
…As The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that WWE have partnered with Endeavour Audio
to launch a WWE podcast network. And with every wrestler in the world having a podcast
these days, WWE have picked the perfect time to jump into this incredibly saturated market.
Details on the podcast series they’re going to launch will be announced at a later date,
but we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavour. Geddit… because Endeavour
Audio… and.. Yeah. Triple H said of the news on Twitter: “Another
expansion of @WWE’s massive social and digital footprint. The partnership between @EndeavorAudio
and #WWE will bring a best-in-class product to our fans.” Which is a bold claim, Trips.
Good luck becoming one of the banging pods to listen to ahead of WrestleMania. Not my
words, Trips, the words of Metro Newspaper. Speaking of Smackdown, and there hasn’t
really been a lot of chat about Eric Bischoff since the announcement of him becoming the
Executive Director for the blue brand. Dave Meltzer first reported that Bischoff’s role
within WWE would be very different to the one Paul Heyman has on Raw despite them having
the same title – with Heyman working closely with the creative team and Vince McMahon,
while Bischoff will instead be a go-between for WWE departments and the TV networks to
make sure everyone is on the same page. Meltzer noted that Bischoff wouldn’t have
any creative involvement, and his name hasn’t been mentioned in many meetings with the Smackdown
writers, but Bischoff himself denied these reports, saying that he was still in an induction
phase for the role before he really sinks his teeth in. However that was a month or
so ago now, so what’s the latest? Well, Bryan Alvarez has posted on the Wrestling
Observer message board when someone asked him what level of involvement Bischoff has
on Smackdown saying, “As of last week I was told, ‘He shows up.’” Sweet gig
if you can get it. Speaking of former WCW employees, and it was
a surprise to wrestling fans around the world when former voice of WCW Tony Schiavone appeared
on an episode of AEW’s Road to All Out. Not the least of which MLW, who currently
have Schiavone under contract. It was then reported that Schiavone was set to leave MLW
and head over to AEW before their weekly TV show debuts this coming October on TNT.
Dave Meltzer has now reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Schivaone
and AEW have reached a deal for him to come in and call their shows, adding that All Elite
Wrestling and MLW have come to an agreement for him to work for both promotions. Interestingly,
Meltzer adds that once the new wrestling war began following AEW’s launch in January,
WWE were also interested in signing Tony Schiavone. This ties into a previous report that WWE
are currently trying to sign as much talent as possible, even people they have no interest
in, in order to stop them going to competition. But Schiavone isn’t the only commentator
signed by AEW, as Goldenboy announced via Twitter he’s also signed a deal with the
company. Goldenboy provided the commentary for AEW’s second show Fyter Fest, a show
which wrestling fans said was a big step up in terms of commentary, following the criticisms
of Alex Marvez at Double or Nothing. It’s unknown at this point when Schiavone
will start with AEW, or if he’ll be around for All Out next weekend.
And someone else with a scary question mark over their head is Jon Moxley, who made a
huge impact in All Elite Wrestling when he debuted for the company in the closing moments
of Double or Nothing. Moxley is set to face Kenny Omega at All Out in one of the show’s
big marquee matches, but it’s now being reported that he could be dealing with an
elbow injury. Dave Melzter is reporting that Mox might have
picked up an infection while in Japan working the G1, and noted that all of his advertised
singles matches for Northeast Wrestling were turned into tag matches, with the exception
of his match with Pentagon Jr, which he insisted on doing and was careful not to take any bumps
on his elbow. There’s no word on whether Moxley will be
cleared for All Out, and we here at WrestleTalk wish him a speedy recovery.
But what’s the backstage news of AEW’s head-to-head competition that came earlier
this week? After months and months of speculation, it
was announced by WWE this week that NXT would be heading to national TV, and go head-to-head
with AEW with a new live two-hour weekly show. However, NXT isn’t going to end up on FS
1 which had been the original plan, with Fox telling their affiliates a few weeks ago to
expect a new wrestling show on that channel, and will instead air on USA Network – the
current home of Raw and Smackdown Live. It’s being reported that Triple H told NXT
wrestlers backstage at the most recent set of tapings that a TV announcement was coming
soon, saying it would happen on Raw – which WrestleVotes also reported. As we now know
the announcement never came, with the speculation being that WWE were upset the news leaked
out early and scrapped the segment. As to why NXT will air on USA Network and
not FS 1 as originally planned all comes down to All Elite Wrestling. Dave Meltzer writes,
“Anyone who knows Vince McMahon knew the move would be a counter. The key point brought
up was that a lot of people felt that a show on lower-rated FS 1, which is in fewer homes
than TNT, could lose in the ratings, something in this case McMahon couldn’t stand for.”
He adds, “As Vince McMahon noted internally, wrestling fans are already conditioned to
watch WWE on USA and not on FS 1, plus in a wrestling war being on the stronger station
and in slightly more homes overrode the advantages of being with FOX.”
Meltzer adds that someone close to the situation told him that because USA Network usually
pulls in 1 million viewers for Suits on that day and time slot, there’s now a pressure
on NXT to deliver on ratings. While Vince McMahon currently has no involvement in NXT
– even when it goes live on USA – that situation could change if the show doesn’t draw in
fans. Not only that, but USA Network this year have been heavily involved in changes
to Raw and Smackdown, including demanding the Raw Reunion special and the creation of
the Wild Card, which was a compromise made by Vince McMahon as USA wanted to scrap the
brand split entirely. One massive positive to all of this – apart
from us wrestling fans who get to enjoy a lot of great wrestling – is that top tier
NXT stars will now likely be offered new higher-paid contracts. Melzter writes, “While not confirmed,
the word going around is that all developmental deals are going to be changed to main roster
deals shortly. One would think that WWE would up the scale for new signees to prevent the
next hot talent from going to AEW, but that also hasn’t happened yet, but it does figure
to be the next logical step as this plays out.”
But now it’s time for everyone’s favourite segment on the WrestleTalk News – speculation
on CM Punk’s wrestling future! Ever since All In last year, there has been
speculation that CM Punk could strike up a deal with Cody and The Young Bucks. However
Punk said recently that he’s been annoyed at Cody and The Bucks posting about their
meetings and talks with him on social media, as it just adds fuel to the fire of CM Punk
to AEW confirmed. And in perhaps the most surprising news of
2019, Dave Meltzer is now reporting, “A lot of people believe because of how the talks
with AEW went and his public reaction a few weeks ago, that he’s WWE-bound.”
This news is surprising for several reasons, not the least of which the lawsuit between
Punk, Colt Cabana and WWE doctor Chris Amann, and Meltzer adds that those he’s spoken
to in WWE don’t believe he’ll return. However, the word is that CAA – the talent
agency who represent both Punk and WWE – reached out to Fox about the possibility of CM Punk
co-hosting the WWE talk show on FS 1. Dave Meltzer adds, “The impression is WWE wouldn’t
like it but things change daily. It’s only something Punk’s agent brought up.”
So after months and months of CM Punk to AEW confirmed, we might be heading back to CM
Punk WWE return confirmed! And now, as the loser of WrestleLeague Season
Two, I present to you my punishment music video – The Muscle Man Dance.
Watch me play CastleVania poorly by clicking the ScreenStalker video that’s just appeared
on screen right now. I promise you, it’s probably better than watching me dance. I’ve
been Luke Owen and that was Mecha News.


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