Azure’s Computing Power Accelerates Data Science at The Turing Institute
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Azure’s Computing Power Accelerates Data Science at The Turing Institute

You can imagine when we want to boost
our well-being we often seek out these really beautiful places, but the problem
is how do you measure these beautiful places? And that’s not been an easy thing
to do. So luckily, I came across this website and it’s this online game people
play, and it’s really simple. You just rate these images between 1 and 10.
What’s happening in the background is that each image represents a square
kilometer of the United Kingdom. So I’ve got like over 200,000 images that have been
weighted about 1.5 million times. So I’m using Azure to train my deep
learning models because I really need GPU access. What’s really great about
using Azure is that I can train models in a matter of days which normally would
take months on my desktop. So our research also seeks to measure aspects
of the world that we as humans have always been hugely aware of but that
traditionally we’ve had near to no numbers on. I think an excellent example
of this is the beauty of environments that we spend our time in. So I think
many of us have this impression that that’s something which can have a real
impact on our day-to-day well-being. So we do find that people are happier in
these more beautiful environments and they can be these beautiful natural
scenes, but I was really surprised to find that people are also happier in
more beautiful city environments. And people actually do find buildings as
being beautiful as well. So I’m really excited about the
possibilities of data science because I strongly believe that data science will
change the world for the better.

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