Aysu, Bachelor of Computing
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Aysu, Bachelor of Computing

hi my name is Aysu Gündoğan and I’m from Turkey, and I’m taking Computer Science at the University of Guelph I chose computer science because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do and I
thought computer science was relevant to so many subjects that I could go
anywhere with my major and I chose it in Guelph because they gave me a
scholarship well my favourite thing is probably how challenging it is like you have to create new things when you’re creating new programs, it is just
challenging and it’s like solving puzzles and I love it last semester I took a course about micro computers which is basically lower level assembly language coding and it was nice to see how computers work on a lower level and the labs were challenging would also kind of fun it taught you a lot which I loved yeah I’ve been swimming for 10 years, I
knew Guelph had a pretty good swim team and I contacted the coach and it was no
problem getting into the team and they were they were also so helpful for me to get used to Canada and the University and everything I spend most of my time swimming I mean I wake up at 5 in the morning to go to practice and like I see the swimming team more than anyone I see anyone else so they’re kind of my family
here now for future Gryphon’s who are applying to computing I think it’s a great program it’s challenging and I think they’re gonna love it yeah and for international students Guelph community is really warm and
welcoming and they’re really helpful with everything and I don’t think you’re
gonna have any problem getting used to being in Canada and studying here

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