AWS KC Videos: How do I redirect (apex) domain to my website hosted on EC2 in AWS?
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AWS KC Videos: How do I redirect (apex) domain to my website hosted on EC2 in AWS?

[Music] [Music] hi I’m Benna a clot Support Engineer here at AWS office in Sydney sometimes customers who use Amazon route 53 hosted zones for their website asked me how they can redirect a root or Apex domain like to a custom address alike ww fortunately a SS has a solution for this with Amazon simple storage service s3 that makes the solution easy without changing or adding anything on the backend web servers today I’m going to show you how you can achieve this let’s get a start as you can see I already login to my AWS management console first we need to create a redirect pocket in history and then an alias in Amazon route 53 for the apex to point to the s3 bucket to configure the s3 portion go to the s3 console click on the create by cat with the name of root domain keep in mind that the name of the bucket and the name of root domain should be exactly the same in order to work then click on the create now click on the bucket and click on the properties tab click on a static website hosting in the list of available options select on the redirect requests for target packet or domain type your WWE code or your preference record and for the protocol type HTTP or HTTPS now I choose HTTP and save now let’s configure the route 53 portion I’m going to the large 53 console click on the hosted zones and choose your hosted zone click on the create record set we want to create an alias record so put the empty on the name type a record and put alias as yes and click on all your target it should be and choose your s3 bucket and then create choose the value that corresponds to your s3 bucket mark it as an alias then choose the value that corresponds to the s3 bucket that you have created now for the last step create an a record for your WWE record and their value should point to the ec2 elastic IP address I copy and paste my ec2 let’s take IP and put as a value and then create now I’m testing to show how redirect it’s working so I put my Apex domain and now you can see that it’s redirecting to wwa code and shows that website if your website uses HTTPS you should consider implementing your setup using cloud front on top as is 3 doesn’t support HTTP thanks for watching and happy cloud computing from all of us here at the real news [Music] you [Music]


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