How’s it going gamers? Today I’m going to do something. I’m going to break into some furry discord servers OOOoooho… a hot white pupper…. like like I am just genuinely intrigued how this whole thing works. So the first step is to create a perfect (PERFECT) furry profile. probably cringy ones like “princess meowy purrs” or “scar cat the edge lord” smh Furry names (lOUD TYPING) Okay I want something people can like, actually pronounce.. I guess I’ll be Genji I’m already Genji (RAWR XD) Then I’ll be Mcree uwu I already chose Mcree πŸ™ Hit or miss i guess they never miss huh? You got a boyfriend??? i bet HE DOESN’T KISS YA MUAHH HE GON FIND ANOTHER GIRLLIKEHEWONTMISSYA Bai loser uwu HE GON SPIN AND HIT THE DAb LIKE WIZ KHALIFA FuRRIES OWO WHAT THE HELL, Why would you say that to me :'( (they ask you how you are and you say that you’re fine but you’re not really fine) OWO ME PAPi OH MY GOD SHUT UP. do not blow my cover you british bloke BEEP! no i am not a (beep!) fake! i’m obviously not a (beep boop) robot!!! I’m, I’m Infiltrating furry servers right? What’s the best way to do this? (Two war generals share crucial information on the war, 1977) (colorized) My name’s Black Eye, and I am the edgiest edge lord of them all… (slurps) i’m only three i cant caption this ;( ummmmmm…… black eye, u ok? NO!I Who wants TO OwO, and do the furry πŸ˜‰ OMG QUACKITY Now after the very bad experiences I had yesterday I decided to make a few alterations, including making myself a catfish First off I think Feminine Purrrrs is gonna is gonna get a lot of people to, you know, roleplay with me, because people can be weirdos…. Alright, let’s hop in into one of the voice chats Hi guys anyone wanna anyone want to quickly OwO? πŸ˜‰ Here’s the first one the first baited hi want a roleplay this is alright Okay setting what is setting me you visit my house In Mont… you visit my house in Montana and it was unexpected you knocked the door. Hi, I look up Oh Tommy Wiseau movie. Oh, hi, it’s me Invites you inside come lay with me on my couch, huh? I walk past you into the house sit down again Come on, put up a little put a little cool into it. Come on, dude. Okay, just one Ah, hi, he doing this starts feeling your furry tail. It is very soft Person lays back. Thanks. I have to show you something in my closet wanna come winks. Sure I stand up and follow you the closet leads you into dark closet you mind if I lock the door winks? Oh, why would you I blush there’s something I have to show you persuade you to log closet. Come on Come on, just lock the closet. What is it? No. No, what do you mean? What is it? Just just God dude, turn off. The lights smiles locks closet. It’s completely dark You want to know what I want to show you sure what is it? I cannot see anything in the dark. Okay? Okay turns on light He’s my uncle do you like him you are very thick Here oh he’s been here for quite a while. Do you know what else has been here for quite a while? What is that? Oh Oh, what the fuck what the fuck what the hell is this? Hi gamers Yo, I don’t appreciate okay I came here with with the thought of role-playing and you’re just making fun of a Furby one of your kind We’re not making fun of you. You’re making fun of me. You’re laughing at me. I can hear you laughing at me Yeah We just want to like we want to have some fun with Thanos in the closet why to tell him about our story? I didn’t that was a private thing. I didn’t then why does he know about that? I was in the closet This is private dude what those wrong with you, I mean what’s wrong with you for inviting? Cause yourself, hey, it’s me feminine pers. Oh just got divorced as you may know and I need some company I’m so alone right now Well, hey, this is unexpected But uh, yeah, I’ll be there you place at Ted be right there Eddie wink waits anxiously 10 minutes later You not getting my car. Hey, you look good today. Ah, George things blush. Oh my god This is awful. So what do you want to do gets nervous. Just want to talk How did your day go sits right next to you? Waiting for yours was like your spot faster. I’m just feeling very lonely lately I just want someone to talk to and all I could think about is you Hey always be here for you doll Caresses your hair behind year. I care about you a lot. I would do it to Be honest, I was rather happy when you divorced that unworthy bastard. Yeah, me too It was just too hard to be sometimes I didn’t tell anyone But he used to chain me up to the garage and leave me there for days. We got a oh Jesus plan Clenches fists. Why did you tell me this sooner law I would have off. We’re a Division. I Would have wrapped enough pieces, I wish you would it was so awful to me. Here’s car up the driveway Oh my god, I think it’s him. Come on would be quick. We know What do you know? Okay, wait just come with me quick leads into bedroom fine for you I will even if I hit sixth ill to take him on thank you love gets you behind an Ex-husband start searching the house. He cuts it to room where we were hiding you look at him from behind, but he gets it Are you sure you can take it on? Are you sure you get take it off ha ha wait, hold on. Hold on What you don’t like this I thought B Q for you to literally take on Thanos, that’d be so hot to be honest It’s just it’s not funny. It’s roughly. It’s serious role play. What’s wrong with you compel? Ok. Ok fanservice. It is Babe, can you take him on? Yes? Yes, I can’t if I can take him down. I Rhino What if I can take down a rhino? I could take this jump just stay out of the way. Ok I feel so protected right now my hero gets excited steps out of the darkness and begins to approach is Enemy, hey punk. Just what in the hell? Watches from behind the bed Oh D is really confronting him starts to growl and bares his teeth If you don’t leave now, I’ll make you wish you were never even born babe. Watch out He has a weapon attack super below take him to the ground with a hard thud my hero It’s not over yet. Move quick baby got naked to search dominance over you Whoa, f no stance on his haunches and pounces his opponent and by tarns who’s fair deck What’s viewing from all of his woods he screams? Runs to the phone picks it up. Hello police a strange man just killed my husband. Please come for him quick Hey Hello, we are furry town police. You just killed a man No, we’re gonna have to send you over to jail buddy. This is quite illegal takes you out in handcuffs Alright, let’s give this a grand finale. Let’s give this a good a good shot. Husband gets up the ground He is the only man who can defeat me you will not take him hostage dirty cops snaps fingers and cops die Up their nose in return. You have to give me head. Okay. I have to go to sleep. I’ve to go sleep I well that was an interesting experience I Furry discord servers are quite I never want to go anyone again. Goodbye

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