Automate Configuration of your PowerEdge servers using OpenManage Ansible Modules
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Automate Configuration of your PowerEdge servers using OpenManage Ansible Modules

In this video we’ll show you an overview
of how to automate the configuration of your PowerEdge servers using OpenManage Ansible modules. We will also show you how to deploy the entire stack using a
single Ansible playbook. You can accomplish all these using the OpenManage Ansible modules that leverage the Redfish restful APIs provided by
the integrated dell remote access controller also known as iDRAC. iDRAC
restful APIs are based on DMTF Redfish standards and are enhanced with Dell EMC
Extensions, OpenManage Ansible Modules enabled data center and IT
administrators to rapidly deploy their PowerEdge infrastructure, manage server
configurations and orchestrate advanced tasks such as continuous deployments and
firmware upgrades. Delivering the enterprise IT services on demand and at
scale requires that automation is enabled and pervasive from the beginning. Automating physical server infrastructure is central to achieving
the desired scale elasticity and agility. However the reality is that traditional
data centers are operated in a siloed manner where every infrastructure
element is managed using an independent array of management solutions and tools. iDRAC restful APIs allow you to configure, provision, and deploy your
PowerEdge server infrastructure. Using OpenManage Ansible modules you can
automate the configuration of components such as BIOS, RAID, NICs and HBAs,
deployment of the operating system, and firmware updates from a repository. With
iDRAC restful API and Ansible integration, you can now provision the
entire stack from the server through the application in a few minutes by running
a single playbook. This will help you in increasing your
operational efficiency, integrating with existing DevOps processes, and improving
overall infrastructure performance and compliance. Here we have a playbook that
captures a server configuration profile file from a golden server configuration
and then imports it to our inventory of target hosts. A server configuration
profile contains all BIOS, iDRAC, Lifecycle Controller, network, and storage
settings of a PowerEdge Server and it can be applied to multiple servers, thus
enabling rapid, reliable, and reproducible configuration. Once we have a desired
server configuration profile applied to our inventory of target hosts, the OS is
deployed using an unattended ISO installation image from a remote network
share. Running the Ansible playbook will set up the PowerEdge Server infrastructure
and deploy the operating system. A server configuration profile is exported from a
golden server configuration and is then imported to inventory target hosts. The
OpenManage Ansible modules for iDRAC are available as an open source project
on github under Dell. Thank you for watching and for more information please

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