• Content Marketing Strategy – Spot On
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    Content Marketing Strategy – Spot On

    Pillar pages are the new way of crafting content Instead of writing a blog post about one unique keyword pillar pages allow you to write several blog posts about one core topic. You may be wondering why this is important Well the way people search is changing. Over the last several years marketers have researched relevant keywords to attract visitors Now the way search is being used has changed yet again For example, people now search with longer, more conversational queries. As search behavior has changed technologies have begun to evolve as well and rather than focusing on returning search results on specific keywords Search engines like Google are aiming…

  • Progressives Strike Back After Pete Buttigieg Dirty Tricks
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    Progressives Strike Back After Pete Buttigieg Dirty Tricks

    Pete Buddha judge continues his bad faith attacks on Bernie Sanders and he claims that Sanders is taking super PAC money But that’s actually not the case at all He’s taking PAC money from progressive organizations. But the way that people judge is fundraising makes it appear as though Bernie Sanders is being corrupted by corporate PACs So Buddha judge came under fire from progressives after claiming in a series of tweets Thursday evening that his rival for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination senator Bernie Sanders is being backed by nine dark money groups and likening the Vermont senator to billionaire Michael Bloomberg So here’s what he wrote in a…

  • How To Create A Sales Funnel Website
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    How To Create A Sales Funnel Website

    I’m John Crestani. I’ve made millions of dollars on the internet and in this video I’m going to walk you through how to create sales funnels websites and show you step by step kind of how I’ve used funnels in my business to lead customers through a coherent journey for… I’ve marketed lots of businesses and each one is different. So stay tuned. Strap in and get ready for the wildest ride of your entire life. Okay, the subject is not really that exciting and to be in the wildest ride for your life. But, if you come over with me understanding how sales funnels works at work and understanding…

  • (Web K-Drama) XX ep.8/10 Web Drama Korean
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    (Web K-Drama) XX ep.8/10 Web Drama Korean

    Let’s go. Let’s send him to hell. Why do I always struggle with that? You mean this? It took some time for me to get used to it. Can you teach me one proper time? How many times have you asked the same question? Just once. Alright. Remember? I told you that every ice has its own grain. Look closely, and you will notice it. Here. Exactly. Just follow that grain and carve. Like this. Danny, your hands are so big. One reason why I was good at baseball. Is it easier to pitch if you have big hands? Well, Ryu Hyun-jin’s hands are small. So technically, I don’t think…

  • EP.5 (WEB K-DRAMA) Number Six Sub ENG
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    EP.5 (WEB K-DRAMA) Number Six Sub ENG

    The lonely singer-songwriter, Seo Won TakLee Min HyukThe lonely curator, Cho Min JuBaek Seo YiThe married man sold at first sight, Lee Chang KyungKwon Young MinThe married woman with many secrets, Oh Eun KyungWoo HeeThe subtle sleeper, Park Se JunKang YoolThe cheating fiancée, Kang Se RaHan So EunTiming and Subtitles by Always Together Team @ VikiNumber SixDid you only sleep with Chang Kyung? You slept with Se Jun too, a long time ago! Are you crazy? When did I… What are you doing? Se Jun. You don’t have any food at home, right? It’s not that, I was just going to borrow this. What do you mean by borrow? Just…

  • How to create the Spider-Man web shooter effect
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    How to create the Spider-Man web shooter effect

    “Underoos” In today’s HitFilm tutorial we’re showing you how you can become the webslinger by modifying lightning. Before we dive-in, if you’re following the camera transition portion of this tutorial, you’ll need two shots; one wide, and the other handheld. It’s important to remember to try to align the two as much as possible to keep this effect smooth. Use key features of the location as a reference for what you’ll match later. With that out of the way, let’s get ‘thwipping’. I have the first part of this effect already set in the timeline, this is the wide shot and main web action. The first thing we’ll need to…