Austin’s Office Market: The Domain
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Austin’s Office Market: The Domain

(lively music) – The Domain is one of
Austin’s local hotspots. I mean, that’s where a
lot of people wanna be and where employers wanna locate. There’s always things going on there. It has retail shops,
as well as restaurants, and really everything
that people come to Austin to see, you can see it in The Domain. I’m Bethany Perez, I work on
the leasing team at AQUILA. And today I’m gonna talk to
you about The Domain submarket. Domain is located in northwest Austin. It’s a mixed use development,
consisting of over 300 acres. It’s bordered by Mopac
to the west and north, Braker Lane to the south, and Burnet Road to the east. So The Domain’s really brought the best of Austin all together. The Domain started out
more as a retail area and it has really grown recently. It’s family-friendly, it’s pet-friendly. It has a great entertainment district, now with the addition of Rock Rose, which brings in even
a nightlife component. The Domain really provides a nice live, work, play environment, which is attracting a
lot of the top talent. That’s why companies
wanna be in The Domain and have a presence there. Local developers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand
because it’s just on fire, and these large tech companies
keep gobbling up space. The Domain really provides a great area for even a second location. If an employer wants to locate downtown, as well as have a northwest location, this really checks the box. The Domain’s attracted a number of large technology companies, Expedia, Amazon, Facebook, to name a few. There’s a lotta new
construction going on up there, specifically on the office front. As the population continues
to shift more northwest, companies are finding
this area very attractive. The Domain is gonna be
the most expensive area in the northwest market for office, but it’s still a discount to downtown, and that’s mostly due
to operating expenses and parking costs being
substantially less. I hope I’ve answered all of your questions about The Domain submarket. For more information,
make sure to download Aquila’s latest market report by clicking on the link
in the description. And remember, no one knows
Austin better than AQUILA.


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