AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing
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AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing

Today modern businesses
use a vast growing system of wireless devices
and data intense applications. As more devices are added
and computing power moves closer to the device,
traditional networks will be unable to sustain the
level of performance businesses require. AT&T Multi Access Edge
Computing Service can help. AT&T MEC gives you the power
to intelligently manage your cellular data
by controlling where and how far it goes to
better serve your business needs. Here’s how it works. All your devices send data
to the AT&T MEC device. Like a traffic cop, it
identifies and routes your data to the destination you choose. It diverts important
private data down a more direct route to a
local server for processing. Meanwhile, it allows
lower priority data to continue down the traditional
network path to the AT&T Core. The ability to keep the routing
of your important data local means lower latency
and greater performance for your business applications. In manufacturing, for
example, lower latency means manufacturers can get more out
of advanced robotics and AI assisted inspections. And in retail,
companies can improve support for virtual
reality interactions with their customers. With AT&T MEC, you get
increased reliability, security, and speed, all wirelessly. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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